Why I Started Blogging

Recently I reached an amazing 4000 Bloglovin’ followers (thank you!) so I thought I’d turn today into a little bit of a story time and go back to the start with The Makeup Directory and why I started writing it. I absolutely love reading other people’s blogging stories and I realise I’ve never really spoken about my own, so thought it was only fair I piped up. My blogging story is all a bit disjointed, yes I did take a year break from blogging, and yet I know a lot of people who read my blog regularly probably don’t know that. So, let’s go back all the way to early 2013 and imagine my blog now has a disgustingly green flower background…

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Finding The Perfect Everyday Eyeshadow Duo

If you saw my Christmas Beauty Presents 2016 post, you will recognise NARS Kalahari Eyeshadow Duo as a new addition to my makeup collection. Over the next few months I’m sure you will see a lot of those products pop up as I plan to review them all, but for now it’s all Kalahari talk. This is the second NARS Eyeshadow Duo in my collection, the first being the cult classic Isolde. I absolutely love Isolde but I wanted something a little more everyday appropriate. In fact I’m always on a lifelong mission to find those “one swipe wonder” shades that will do the job in a matter of moments and make it look like I’ve put a lot more effort into my eye makeup than I actually have. Am I lazy? Anyway, let’s see how I’ve been finding this one.

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January Skincare Round Up

The second half of 2016 was absolute skincare nightmare for me. I had breakouts for what felt like no reason, and although I’ve never had great skin, those few months were just the worst yet. I’m pretty sure it is because I played around with my skincare routine too much and didn’t give my skin enough time to adapt to anything. This year I’m determined to find out my skincare triggers. I know for a fact that chocolate is one, if I have a chocolate binge then I will for sure wake up the next day with some fresh new blemishes. However, there are definitely other ingredients that my skin doesn’t agree with, and this year I want to find out what they are. I’ve been super selective with my skincare this month and my round up shares all I’ve been loving.

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My Most Worn Lipsticks

Whilst I do try and switch up my lipstick a lot, there will always be the ones that I reach for more than others. Some of my favourite lipsticks I actually don’t ever really go for, they’re the special occasions types. But looking through my collection there are a handful that are just my absolute go-tos, the lipsticks I choose when I don’t feel like anything too experimental, and just on lazy days when I can’t be bothered to think. These are my reliable lipsticks, I’m not going to end up with lippie on my teeth or the dreaded lipliner effect – I know these lipsticks will serve me well.

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How to Beauty Blog Without Breaking the Bank

I think one of the most common misconceptions people make about beauty bloggers is that we must spend a hell of a lot of money on makeup. Now this may be true for some bloggers who have seriously enviable collections, but thinking about my own experience I don’t actually spend that much on makeup. I maybe pick up one of two things a month, if that. Whilst I do get sent a bit, I don’t get sent that much, and I went for pretty much two years beauty blogging without getting anything through the post, so it is possible. You really can beauty blog without breaking the bank and today I thought I’d share my tips on how.

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MAC Velvet Teddy – Worth The Hype?


Velvet Teddy has been MAC’s most talked about lipstick (or even product?!) for quite a few years now, pretty much thanks to a certain Kylie, and not the Minogue type. Pretty much every time I’m near a MAC stand I will go and swatch it, um and ah for a good few minutes then decide it isn’t for me. I don’t particularly dream of having fuller lips, I’m quite happy with mine, and however pretty I don’t really aim to look like Kylie Jenner. I also decided that Velvet Teddy wouldn’t suit me, despite everyone banging on about it being universally flattering. Anyway, fast forward to December, and finally it happened. After years of swatching, curiosity got the better of me and I finally went for Velvet Teddy. Now was it worth it?

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5 Current Loves


Every month I do a Monthly Favourites post, however December’s edition was replaced with an overall 2016 Beauty Favourites, and I kind of feel like I need to share some short-term praise for what I’ve been loving recently. So let’s have this as a kind of rebrand post of my December Favourites, instead calling it my 5 Current Loves – catchy I know. We all have to keep this a secret that this is basically a very belated favourites post ok?

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Christmas Beauty Presents 2016


Every year my dad and I head over to Oxford Street just before Christmas to do some makeup shopping. It’s our little tradition and once I’ve picked out some goodies he goes home and wraps them up (all individually!!) and I open them Christmas day. It is always such a lovely day and this year we had as good a time as always. Prior to our day out I always write a beauty wish list as I like to have some ideas in my head so I don’t get completely overwhelmed, but to be honest I do quite a lot of deviating. Today I thought I’d share with you everything that I got from our day out and what I actually ended up choosing!

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