A Five Minute Makeup Look

I never used to be very good at five minute makeup. For me, it just meant my normal makeup routine squidged into a five minute slot, so essentially rushed and producing pretty terrible results. Over the years I’ve discovered that speedy makeup should be a whole new routine in itself with products practically made for the job, so now I’ve solidified a pretty great set up which takes minimal time but makes me look slightly more fresh than going makeup free. So today, you guessed it, I’m sharing that routine and those products with you and explaining why they’re just perfect for a quick and easy job.

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How To Maintain A Good Skincare Routine

When I was younger, having a good skincare routine was something that happened in January for a week or two, quickly dissipating into the occasional double cleanse, the odd face mask here and there, and a moisturiser when I felt I needed it. It’s not that I didn’t know how important a good routine was, I was just lazy and skincare never excited me like makeup did. Nowadays, I’m a completely different person. To be frank I feel pretty grim when I don’t embark on the entire routine and instantly notice my skin suffers. I also love trying new skincare products, it’s almost as exciting as makeup. Today I thought I’d share some tips on how I made that transition from anti-skincare to a complete enthusiast.

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Expanding My Brush Collection

I would say compared to other makeup enthusiasts I probably have a relatively small brush collection. It’s not that I don’t see the purpose in getting the right tools for the job, it’s more that I’m just very loyal to the brushes I do own. Once I find a brush I like, I’ll pretty much stick to it forever more, and I’m pretty damn good with my makeup brushing routine that I don’t really need multiples of anything. However, saying that, for a while now there’s been a few missing from my collection that I just don’t have, so when Crown Brushes got in touch with their new Pro range I was keen to fill in the blanks.

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New In Beauty And First Impressions

I’ve had a few new things in my makeup collection as of late, a real mixture of blogger mail and my own impulsive purchases in Superdrug. I really feel in a good place with beauty at the moment, I think its because my skin is much better and I feel less about covering up and more about embracing, so things are getting more experimental and playful. These are all pretty recent so it really is just very early on in those first impressions stages so as always I will report back later down the line, and if you want any specific reviews, holla at me and I’ll get on it!

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My Valentines Look

I used to do face of the day posts a hella lot more than I do now, they’re just such a damn pain with my extreme lack of equipment. Investing in a tripod and ring light would really help me out here rather than having to balance my camera on the top of any surface near a window, and guess auto-focus with a self timer, ah blogger woes. Sorry to start this post being such a Debbie downer but please do let me know if it’s worth the hassle, whether I should ditch ’em all together, or maybe invest in some new fancy equipment. ANYWAY, for now you’ve got a Valentine’s makeup look, really I just wanted an excuse to wear my bright pink makeup… View Post

Valentine’s Day Lipstick Picks

When you think of Valentine’s Day you think of pinks and reds, right? That’s a given. And if you know me well, you’ll know I’m a right sucker for pink lips, and whilst they’re always a great option in my books, they’re particularly perfect for Valentine’s Day. I thought today I’d share some of my top picks, I’ve tried to keep things really varied with a mixture of bright pinks, more subtle tones and mattes and lip glosses. So whether it be for the big V day, or just a standard date night, hopefully there will be something that takes your fancy.

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Pre-Valentine’s Pamper Picks

Before any sort of special event or date night it’s always nice to have a little pamper sesh, and Valentine’s Day is no exception! Pampering for me always involves a bath, a hair mask, a face mask and a manicure so I’ve collated some of my favourite products that really ooze luxurious and keep skin, hair and nails feeling soft and fresh. I’ve added in a few extra rose themed bits and bob because Valentine’s and all that…

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Valentine’s Day Picks From The Body Shop

This post has been created in collaboration with The Body Shop and Tradedoubler but the opinions are still of my own!

As I’ve mentioned on here several times now I’m really not that into Valentine’s Day, however I do love the beauty products that are released around this holiday. The Body Shop are one of those brands that always absolutely ace seasonal products and this year is no exception, they’ve had some seriously exciting new launches. Today I thought I’d run you through my top picks from The Body Shop for Valentine’s Day, with a few new launches and my general first impressions!

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