What’s In My December Makeup Bag


I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that it is already December and 2016 is almost over. Christmas is coming round so damn fast! I’m determined to really get festive this year as it always makes me enjoy Christmas so much more, I’ve found in the past that when I don’t bother too much I don’t enjoy Christmas half as much. The build up is the best part. I have a little more time on my hands nowadays so want to spend all my time watching festive films and baking gingerbread!! My makeup bag is fully going to reflect that as I want glitter on my nails and red on my lips all month long!

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On My Nails In November


Today, I thought I’d trial a new little monthly series, because we all know how much I love a good old series on here. I used to talk about nail varnish all the time, and people always comment on my rather large nail varnish collection when they come over. Yet for some reason I haven’t spoken about my love of a manicure in ages. Nothing has changed, maybe I buy a few less polishes than I used to, but I still paint my nails on a weekly basis and they do fall into my Boots basket, by accident of course. So I thought I’d bring back a bit of the polish chat and do a roundup of what I’ve used on my nails this month. I tend to apply nail varnish once a week and re-apply if there’s serious mid-week chipping, so generally I have four colours throughout the month. In future, if you like this post, I’ll make sure I take photographs of every varnish actually on my nails too.

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My Life in November


I always have to be in a certain mood to write up lifestyle posts. With beauty posts I can be half writing half watching TV, and kind of be in any mood, but when it comes to real life I have to be in this weird, pensive mood with no distractions, is this just me? Anyway, this mood can get a little rambly, egotistical and reflective, so beware as there’s a hella a lot of that going on in this post. But here’s for a life update as to what I’ve been up to throughout November, and a little October thrown in.

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November Beauty Favourites


November is one of my favourite times of year and despite a certain election result, this year’s November has not disappointed. There have been so many beautifully crisp days and I’ve been fully embracing the hat, scarf and berry lip combination. Some of my favourites this month are my typical autumnal favourites, which reappear every year, then I have a few new things that I’ve been absolutely loving too. Today I thought I’d run you through my top picks from the month.

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Six Months On: Leaving My Job


As some of you regular readers are aware, six months ago I left my full time job and decided to enter the unknown, aka unemployment. I wrote all about my need for change in an unusually personal and honest blog post. I thought I’d give you a little ~life update~ as to how I’m getting on, six months on, and how much I’ve learnt along the way. A few people have asked how things are going for me so hopefully today I can answer some questions. I hope if anyone is feeling the same way I was feeling, this post inspires them to know that it will all end up ok!

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Brand Focus: Tangle Teezer


Tangle Teezer is a brand that I’ve known about for a long time now. I remember watching the founder on Dragon’s Den and very shortly after decided I needed one for myself. My little pink brush has been an absolute favourite for years and is the only thing that truly brushes out the tangles in my knot-prone hair. When they got in touch I was so pleased but was about to turn them down as I already own one so didn’t need to try their product. But then I perused their website and found loads of new innovation going on with a heap of new and exciting products to try. They are no longer a brand with only one brush. Today I thought I’d report back on how I’ve found using the Smoothing Blow-Drying Tool and the Large Round Blow-Drying Tool, with of course a little nod to the original.

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November Skincare Round Up


A few months back I had a bit of a skincare ‘mare and something broke me out. It was kind of my own fault as I was introducing lots of skincare products to my routine in one go, and sadly I never found out what it was that actually did the damage (although I have a few suspects!). Since then I’ve been a lot more careful about introducing products, and on a regular basis I use things that I know are going to be good for my skin and not react. I now introduce products one at a time and see whether my skin likes them or not. My skin is now a lot better and the only problem is the constant battle with the weather at this time of year! As always my round up contains some November loves and a few bits I’ll be trialling throughout December.

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Picking the Perfect Bronzed Eye


Recently I spoke all about my ‘Top Berry Lip Picks‘ and what better way to complete the autumnal look than with a bronzed eye. I absolutely love the look, particularly at this time of year as things draw closer to Christmas. A bronzed eye just screams festive. A bronzed eye can also look good in summer for that whole sun-kissed glow look, and is perfect for a night out any time of the year. It’s definitely an eye look that I go to a lot, so I’ve become pretty loyal to some products and I always reach for these five.

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