It is that time of the month where all the Glossybox reviews come flooding in and I am too jumping on that bandwagon. However, I am a little late to the party, not just this month (18th is snails pace for a beauty box review), but generally. This is indeed my first ever Glossybox. I have contemplated this decision for months now, maybe even coming up to a year and I have finally departed with my precious £10 a month (plus p&p). 

 Now this is a pretty good time to start with the box being Valentines and all, so in return I have received the most gorgeous box. I’m sure you’ve seen photos of this a million times already but it simply is so so pretty, and yes I will be wearing the ribbon in my hair. This was going to be a make up storage box, to control the mess that is my make up drawer but how can I possibly hide it away?

And from this point onwards everything pretty much went downhill (and it was going so well…). As soon as I lifted the lid I could tell I had received a perfectly mediocre substandard box. In my pre-box eagerness I had read just about every single review for this months box I could possibly find on the internet and I don’t think I could have let out a louder sigh when I realised what I had been lumbered with. 
The first product I picked out was the FatCat Lengthening Mascara by MeMeMe (£7.99). This is the first product I have tried by MeMeMe and if this mascara is anything to judge by, it will be my last. Lengthening Mascaras generally really appeal to me because I don’t have the longest of lashes so I was quite keen to try this product out. However I was really disappointed by this mascara. The product felt really dry and made my lashes look weak and lifeless. Although my lashes felt longer there was absolutely no volume and considering the bottle says ‘Volumising’ I didn’t feel it did it’s job. The only positive I can take is that the colour is very pigmented but doesn’t fall down onto the cheeks, a fairly long-lasting mascara. I would consider picking this up again to try with a full eye of make up but I really can’t see it becoming one of my loved mascaras or anywhere even close.
Next item was the Moisturising Lipstick by Helen É Cosmetics (£8.00). This seems to be a colour which is incredibly difficult to photograph, even the Glossybox pamphlet is completely out. My first glance was an orange-coral colour and from this point I was convinced I would hate this product. Orange tones don’t seem to work on my skin tone at all and I tend to steer clear of them. However when I applied it I was pleasantly surprised. 
I’m still not crazy about the colour and not fully convinced it suits my complexion but the texture of the lipstick was a delight. Instantly my lips felt hydrated and the product glided on really effortlessly. This isn’t a lipstick I would choose on a big night out as it really isn’t very pigmented (probably a good thing when you look at the colour) but on a day to day basis I might just reach for this lip product. 

Last but not least for the make up products is the Mineral Blush Powder by Micabella Cosmetics (£34.95). Again when I looked at this I was really disappointed, not only with the orange-y colour but with the size. I’d always worried about how big the sample sizes were with the Glossybox and this is certainly on the tiny end. I don’t ask for a bigger size because of greed but practicality. Applying a blusher out of a tub which is the size of a 10p coin is near impossible. I used my Real Techniques Contour Brush and ended up collecting way too much product which just stuck to my brush and went to waste. I can’t see this product lasting long at all which is a shame as I actually quite like it.

The colour was much more subtle than it looks in the pot, a golden glow instead of a brown smudge. The blush also really compliments the Helen É lipstick. The retail price of this product is expensive for what it is and I won’t be purchasing the full size. However maybe it has taught me to explore the orange based blushes rather than ignoring them for pretty pinks.
The next item was pretty….unexpected. A warming body oil, flavoured Mojito with very strange translations on the back. This is a Valentines box and all but I think I’ll give this one a miss and it will be staying in that rather questionable packaging for quite some time.
The final product was a perfume, for her l’eau by Narciso Rodrigeuz (£46 for 50ml). I really didn’t want to receive a perfume. I do like perfume however these are so easy to obtain for free from department and perfume stores and it seems like such a wasted product to put into the Glossybox. I’m also highly selective with perfume and although this had a nice scent, it didn’t win me over and I won’t be rushing to the shops to splash my cash.
Thrown in as a little extra was a heart shaped lolly. How sweet. Overall I was really disappointed with my first Glossybox. It has inspired some ideas and opened my eyes a little to new products however there was nothing which I will be using on a regular basis or that I’m running out to buy full sized. I will continue with my subscription because it looks like I was just quite unlucky as I’ve seen some much better boxes for this month. Hopefully March’s box may contain a gem.