I first purchased this primer in December, however there weren’t many reviews on it throughout the blogosphere so I went for a bit of a punt (which is rare for me). It promised a ‘light enriching base which illuminates the skin‘ which seemed like too good an offer to turn down. I have now been using this glowing delight for around two months and felt it was time to share my opinion on it.

Starting with the packaging. I love this bottle. It is lightweight and perfect for travel, slipping easily into even the smallest of make up bags. The design feels very luxurious with the rose gold detail. The bottle holds 20ml and at first it felt as if I was going through it at lightning pace but a small amount of this product goes a long way and I have been using it everyday and I’m still yet to run out. The only downside is that it is impossible to tell how much is left inside the bottle.
 The product itself is very runny (as can be seen above) which means I tend to apply it very quickly otherwise things can turn quite messy. I have tried using both the Real Techniques stippling brush and foundation brush to apply this primer but feel the best way it goes on is using my fingers. This way seems to use less product as well as go on smoother.
The finish is certainly luminous and shimmery. Instantly without the use of any other make up my face looks refreshed and glowing. This isn’t a scary glow either, no one wants to look like Casper however friendly a ghost he may be. It is subtle yet effective. I wouldn’t go to the extreme as daring to leave the house without any other make up but it certainly gives my foundation a nicer base to work with.
I don’t find this primer adds much to the staying power of my make up for the day, since using it I haven’t noticed that my foundation stays on any longer. So if you are looking for a primer which does this, this isn’t the one for you. This is simply all about the glow which it adds and the smoothness. This primer is also quite multi-functional, sometimes I use it as a highlighter on my cheeks and other times mix it up in my foundation to give my whole face a more luminous feel (normally more of a going out look).
This primer retails at £9.99 which isn’t cheap for a high street product however if you want a dewy look I highly recommend it. If you are looking for a matte finish with long staying power, there are other alternatives on the market which retail for less or the same price such as the Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer (RRP:£8.99).
  • Travel friendly bottle.
  • Does not increase staying power of foundation.
  • Adds a healthy glow, either as a primer, mixed with foundation or highlighter.
  • Smoothens and refreshes skin for an easier base to apply foundation.