For years now I have been searching for my Holy Grail foundation but feel like I’ve never even come close. I used to use Double Wear by Estée Lauder but it was way too matte for my skin and ended up being chalky and as if I was wearing a mask. In recent years, after trying out what felt like a million foundations I ended up with Wake Me Up by Rimmel which is a brilliant foundation but it just didn’t have the lasting power as higher end ones I had tried. I thought about using NARS Sheer Glow and Chanel Vitalumière Aqua for a while but eventually settled on Silk Crème Foundation by Laura Mercier (£33.00). Finally after months of hesitation I took the plunge and purchased it after reading so many positive reviews and I am happy to say I do not regret this decision. I mentioned the foundation in my Oxford Street Haul (LINK!) and received a few comments asking for a review. I waited a while to test out the product as much as I could and decide the best way to apply it and now I feel confident that I have made my verdict.

Starting with the packaging, I was instantly sold by the squeezy tube. Some people are really unsure about it and others hate it but personally I find it really practical. OK it is hardly a nice designed bottle to proudly put on the side but I’ve never been one to want that. Foundation gets grubby, whatever the bottle, I’d much rather put a nice clean perfume bottle on show rather than a fingerprint smudged foundation. Back to the Laura Mercier, the tube makes application pretty accurate as you can decide EXACTLY how much you want and need. I can also imagine this will be great when coming to the end of the tube as you can really squeeze the last bits out. It irritates me so much when you pay 30 quid to waste away half the product stuck to the sides of a bottle!

Sorry about the recycled photographs but really was there need to waste my amazing photograph skills on repeating a shot of a blob of foundation. This is by far one of the most pigmented foundations I have tried so really a little does go a long way. I tend to use about half a pea-size, yes that is right half, for my entire face. This is an expensive product but really it is going to last me so long simply because of the small amount I use. 
I’ve found the best way to apply the foundation is putting a tiny tiny bit on my hand, then blobbing that blob (technical term I know) onto my face, just a bit on both cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. I then use my Buffing Brush by Real Techniques to really lightly blend it in. Using a heavy hand can really soak up the product onto the brush especially as so little product is being used. So I just skim the edges of my skin to blend it in. I then do the same again on the problem areas. Thin layers really do work better than one thick layer with this foundation, especially if you want to create that airbrushed finish. Another tip is to shake the tube before I use it, just because the consistency can vary.
With Silk Crème
The finish of this foundation isn’t as dewy as I had hoped and imagined but it isn’t matte either. It has a slightly luminous tint without looking greasy. I prefer the finish of the Rimmel Wake Me Up but it isn’t anywhere near as chalky as double wear. I would say this is a medium to high coverage foundation, it really is buildable though (remember think thin layers). 
Personally I think this foundation is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want a matte finish but needs high coverage. I don’t feel that there is much on the market for this audience as most high coverage foundations need to be matte but if you are looking for a slightly glowier look then this is a good option. It is expensive but it will last you a long time, not only product wise but it is very long lasting too. This was a crucial point for me and it has been the reason why I have loved this foundation so much. The woman in the shop says it will last all day untouched and to be frank I really didn’t believe her. But alas she was right. This really does last all day and looks barely any different in the evening, and that is without powder. Teamed with a powder and this stuff is unmoveable.
I’m really loving this foundation. I wouldn’t go as far to say it is my Holy Grail (yet) but it really does tick lots of my incredibly fussy boxes. In the six months or more in which I run out of this gem I will definitely be repurchasing.