A year ago my skincare regime consisted of me splashing some water onto my face and maybe removing my makeup with Tesco own brand wipes. Yet I would sit back and wonder why my skin was in such bad condition, why oh why did I have so many breakouts? Fair enough when I was younger I had the excuse of hormones, and I genuinely do believe I would have had spots no matter what I did at that age. But by the age of nineteen I felt it was time to actually control the warzone that was happening on my face. And I feel I’ve done a pretty good job with improving the situation. However this isn’t story time as I might just save that and try do some sort of ‘inspirational’ blog post on skincare another time. But there is relevance to my slight ramblings as I thought I’d show you what I’ve been lusting over now that I am very much into skincare.

Yes that skincare bug has caught me and it happens to be a very very expensive bug. In fact everything on my wishlist is coming in to just under two hundred pounds, yikes. With makeup you can get by quite comfortably with the drugstore, there are dupes all over the place and generally the quality of the high street is pretty damn impressive. Sure high end make up wins on most things but your Rimmel’s and L’Oreals aren’t too far behind. This simply does not seem to be the case with skincare. The best products are the pricey ones, the dupes are less reliable and you end up with a pretty hefty bill. And on that note of a hefty bill, let’s get cracking looking at this dreamy list.
Hydraluron Moisture Booster £24.99 – I’ve heard this being mentioned by quite a few beauty bloggers and for some reason it really appeals for me. Maybe it’s my slight paranoia but I’m feeling that my skin is dehydrated, yeah I have oily skin but that in no way means it’s hydrated. I get the impression this could be my wonder cure and solve all my problems, or alternatively do absolutely nothing and be a waste of 25 quid. But still so so tempting. The reviews around the interweb look pretty impressive and my desire for this product has skyrocketed.
Super Spot Remover by Origins £14.00 – Origins is a brand that gets so much hype when it comes to skincare. I am ashamed to say I am yet to own a product of theirs but I really want this to change. There is such much that appeals to me from them but this is the one that tops the bill. I don’t get as many spots as I used to now that I actually bother with my skin and diet, however when I do I want them to go away ASAP but don’t really have anything to make this happen, I just wait it out. But I’ve heard so many miracle stories about this Spot Remover that I am desperate to try it. It’s such a small product but apparently lasts an age and the price doesn’t seem too bad either.
Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask by REN £30.00 – For months I’ve been using the Invisible Pores Mask by REN and although I don’t use it on that regular a basis I really do love it leading me to believe REN really are the masters of skincare and especially face masks. This one is a touch pricier than the one I own hense why I’ve been holding out for rather a long time, but it’s promises are just so amazing that temptation is getting the better of me. Working like a face peel it’s a complete refresh of the face, leaving you with glowing, fresh and healthy skin. Sounds good to me.
Advanced Night Repair by Estée Lauder £44.00 – Without a doubt the product I’ve been dreaming of the longest, and this doesn’t just include skincare. An overnight serum which is meant to heal all your skin woes, people have sworn by this for years. However the price tag is just so shocking that part of me thinks this will just forever be a dream and I’ll never get my hands on it. Maybe if I win the lottery…
Créaline H2O by Bioderma £25.00 for 500ml – Now who doesn’t want Bioderma?! To be honest it isn’t really the price that is stopping me from owning this but more the availability. I have the ultimate fear of buying cosmetics off the internet. I love online shopping, I’ll happily buy anything electrical off Amazon or some clothes off eBay but it’s just different when it’s something you’re putting on your skin. Just me being over cautious? Probably. Almost definitely. But it has stopped me from buying some Bioderma online. Now it’s come to the UK no doubt I will go and pick some up when I’m next mooching around London but for now I am stuck without.
Instant Eye Makeup Remover by Clarins £17.00 – Following up from Bioderma on the make up removal front comes the eye makeup remover from Clarins. Clarins are a brand that I have never really explored, they seem kind of old fashioned and not exactly upcoming and fresh, which is a shame as I’m sure that’s just bad marketing as opposed to their products. But I have wanted this one for a while, it’s meant to be the creme de la creme when it comes to taking off heavy eye makeup. I don’t wear heavy eye makeup a lot but when I do it’s such a pain to take off and this would solve all my problems!
All Nighter Setting Spray by Urban Decay £19.50 – I still love my MUA fixing spray however I can’t help but be curious about how much better the high end alternative is. Urban Decay do a couple of setting sprays and to be honest I haven’t investigated them quite enough to decide which one, but they all get rave reviews. My concern with this is buying it and then finding it does no better job than my cheapo MUA one, so it’s falling to the back of my wishlist. Would love to hear your reviews.
Effaclar Duo by La Roche-Posay £13.00 – This is simply a repurchase that I’m yet to, well, repurchase. I hated it at first as it appeared to wreck my skin, but after two weeks of determination I suddenly saw the results. I put a lot of my sudden skincare improvement down to this product and I’m desperate to have it back in my life. Next time I go to Boots, I will be purchasing you.