Stippling vs Buffing brush
There are so many different ways to apply liquid foundation and it can be really daunting finding the way which works for you. I started off using my hands, then moved up to sponges and and have now graduated to brushes. Years (and money) have been wasted trying to find my perfect foundation brush. It was not until I got my hands of Real Techniques brushes that I finally began to found options that worked for me, they are amazing quality brushes and the price is a fraction of other more high end brands, which in my opinion aren’t any better. I received both the Core Collection (£21.99) and then the individual Stippling Brush (£11.99) but if I’m honest I didn’t really know where to start. So many brushes, so many products which goes with which? I googled around for ages looking at reviews but there wasn’t many out there between the Stippling and Buffing brush for liquid foundation, so after months of experimenting I finally feel as if I can write a run down on the pros and cons for each. This isn’t a review of which brush is better overall, it is simply for liquid foundation.

The first brush that I tried out with my foundation, currently I’m using Wake Me Up Foundation by Rimmel (£8.99), was the Stippling brush. I had heard fantastic things about this brush however when I used it first I really wasn’t impressed, the results seemed to suck up all the product and leave my face looking streaky instead of the airbrushed look I had been promised. I realised I must be doing something wrong. After watching what felt like hundreds of Youtube videos on these god damn brushes I figured it out.
Stippling brushes should not be used like normal brushes. Before I was just wiping it across my face like any old brush so the product was going more into the depths of the brush as opposed to on my face. The product should NEVER go into the black, with a stippling brush only ever use the ends. However this is not a ‘how to use a stippling brush’ review, I can go into that in greater detail if requested. This is about how effective it is compared to the Buffing Brush. I used my stippling brush for months to apply my foundation however I still found I was getting through a lot more product as opposed to using my hands or older foundation brushes. Stippling is not a quick method either, the longer you spend applying the more airbrushed your skin will look so not really ideal for someone who hasn’t got much time in the morning. I also found my foundation felt more as if it was sitting on my skin meaning it didn’t last as long. The stippling brush is perfect for nights out when I want to spend more time applying my make up and when it only has to last a few hours but really wasn’t ideal for using in the mornings when I am nearly always running late.
Stippling vs Buffing brush
After months of the Stippling brush I began to look for an alternative. I had heard of people using the Buffing Brush for foundation so I began to use mine. I had been using this brush for bronzer before however really didn’t feel like this was using the brush to it’s full potential. The bristles are very dense and close together meaning using bronzer gave too much of a concentrated look in one area and it was difficult to spread and blend the product. For foundation I have much preferred using this brush. It is not only much quicker to apply but I feel I have more opportunity to really work the product into my face so it doesn’t feel as if it is just another layer on top of my skin. I find I can get into every crevice especially around my nose, this is something I found difficult to do with the stippling brush because the bristles would just separate. I really enjoy using this brush because it is not only quick and easy but gives a really flawless finish, it seems a lot less streaky than my stippling brush and everything seems to blend easier.
I think my opinion is pretty obvious that I much prefer using the buffing brush as opposed to the stippling brush. The stippling brush IS a good brush however requires a lot more time, effort and concentration whereas the buffing brush I could use with my eyes shut and still have a flawless finish (maybe I should try that next). I now use my stippling brush for cream blush which is much better combination. I really hope this review helped, I really struggled when deciding which brush to buy out of these two as a foundation brush. Luckily I was able to experiment with both but if you are on a budget I would definitely recommend just buying the buffing brush as the stippling brush is much better suited for other products