Trevor Sorbie Volume Shampoo

I have spent my life trying to get my hair that little bit thicker, when I was younger it was ridiculously flat and fine but with my teenage years came slightly thicker locks (thankfully). However, the desire is still there. I envy girls with long, thick waves, they all tell me their hair is too thick and they wish it was finer, but I guess the grass is always greener. I change my shampoos and conditioners a lot, I rarely go for the same one each time. My only ‘go to’ brand is Aussie, as when I’m lacking inspiration they just always make my hair feel nice. But I’m still sure there are loads out there that will actually make my hair appear fuller and this is why I pick up a different one each time. But the high street really disappoints me. Every time I venture into more expensive hair goods they always work like a charm and I can kind of see why people with money always have amazing hair. However, forking out so much money on something that gets so quickly replaced is a pretty hard concept for me to get my head round. Maybe one day I’ll be able to splash out every time and have forever full locks but for now I need to stick to the high street. And sadly I had never found a product that actually made my hair feel volumized. Yes there are nice shampoos, but fuller looking hair? Hard to find. Until I picked up this offering by Trevor Sorbie.

Trevor Sorbie is a brand I really don’t have much experience with. Other of their competitors I reach for more, Toni & Guy being a personal favourite but poor old Trevor Sorbie always gets ignored. But one day I was in Boots and in desperate need of a new shampoo, I felt I had tried lots of other brands so I picked up this on a whim, not really expecting much as I never do anymore with high street shampoos, but I was so pleasantly surprised. This actually works. I’ve never washed my hair and afterwards my hair feel so…bouncy, and bouncy is honestly the only way to describe this feeling. After years of being promised ‘fuller hair with body and bounce’ by various shampoos, conditioners, masks and serums and then being constantly disappointed I can safely say this shampoo actually does the trick.

When applied it builds to a foam really quick, you can almost feel it working as you use it. My hair felt ridiculously clean and just full of life. I’ve used this shampoo repeatedly since I purchased it and I wouldn’t be surprised if for once I actually go and buy it again, and this is something I just never do. I really want to experiment with more Trevor Sorbie products now, see if they have anything else to offer me in terms of volume, because if their shampoo works so well then why wouldn’t other volumising products? Honestly I’ve never been so impressed with a high street hair product so if you are also desperate for more volume I’d highly recommend this shampoo.