If you’re like me and your eyelid space is little to none, it can be rather difficult to create amazing eyeshadow looks. Everything just kind of smudges and turns into a murky brown after half an hour, and with oily lids to match you’re a walking eyeshadow disaster. Before I realised I had the worst eyelids in the world, I just blamed it on me being terrible at eyeshadow, and bad quality products. So I began to experiment more, and only use high end eyeshadows known for their longevity, but still things didn’t improve. I tried a few primers out, ELF, Urban Decay and MUA and things got a little bit better, but still a murky mess (now after an hour). However, at Christmas everything changed. I got my hand on the NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, and I haven’t been able to look back since.

When you think of eyeshadow primer you generally think of the primer potion from Urban Decay. However much I love their eyeshadows, I just don’t think much of the primer. So I began to research others, and up popped the NARS alternative. I thought it might be a bit better, but didn’t expect these amazing results. The first time I used this primer I was gobsmacked; by the end of the day my eyeshadow was as good as it had been in the morning. I tried to only use it for special occasions at first, but the stark difference between using it and not using it has made it impossible not to reach for it.


The formula itself is very thick. I wipe off a small amount using the doe applicator and then use my finger to rub it softly onto my eyelid. I then wait a couple of minutes for it to absorb and then get my eyeshadow on. Because of the white base, it makes eyeshadows appear brighter as it’s being applied to a nice clean slate, as opposed to a veiny eyelid (gross).

It comes in at £19.50 which is pretty damn expensive for something kind of…boring to buy. That’s why I resisted for so long, I’d rather have a pretty copper eyeshadow than a boring tube of white paste. However, there is literally no point investing in good quality eyeshadow makeup if it’s just going to seep off your eye in half an hour, so for the sake of £20 it’s definitely worth the money. The only downside is that it’s absolutely impossible to tell how much you have left in the tube. When I first got it, I thought I bought a dud because it felt so empty already, but I’ve realised over time this is simply because it’s a lightweight cream anyway. So I’ve been using it this everyday for 3 months and there is no signs of it running out just yet.

It’s expensive but honestly so worth it, it’ll change your eyeshadow life! So if you’re like me and have had problems with eyeshadows lasting then do not hesitate to pick this up, you will not regret it.