100 beauty blog post ideas

I’ve wanted to do one of these posts for sooooo long as I just find them insanely useful. Creative block is definitely a thing, and I’m sure even the best bloggers sit down stumped with what to write about. For the past few weeks I’ve been updating this post with a ton of beauty blog post ideas and organising them into categories, all related to beauty and blogging. There are plenty of ideas here to hopefully kickstart your thoughts and break through the writer’s block. I actually found 100 ideas pretty easy to get too, so if you want to have a part two of this then please let me know!

Makeup, beauty and fashion looks
A high street only products makeup look
Your five product face
Seasonal makeup looks i.e Christmas, autumnal, holiday
A celebrity inspired makeup look
“No makeup” makeup look
Everyday face of the day
An evening out face of the night
Nails of the day
An everyday outfit
A day to night look

Daily, weekly, monthly blog posts
What’s in your current makeup bag
New in makeup this month
Your current skincare regime
Products you’re currently loving
Current top three favourite products i.e top 3 lipsticks, nail varnishes
Shopping your stash
Your most recent haul
Monthly favourites
Your favourite product this week
Your week in outfits

Exploring your Makeup Collection
Your favourite dupes
Your favourite makeup brushes
Your holy grail products
Products you’ll always repurchase
Your makeup collection
How you store your makeup
Most disappointing products
A high end makeup wish list
A high street makeup wish list
Your beauty resolutions
Your favourite products for a pamper evening
Best products for long lasting makeup
Your favourite online beauty shops
Products you used to love
Best products for travelling
Best products for a night out
Best nail care products

The technical side of running a blog
Blog photography tips
Guides to composition, manual photography, lighting etc
Your camera equipment
Your equipment for on the go blogging
Your favourite backgrounds for blog photographs
Your favourite props to use in photographs
How you edit your blog and Instagram photographs
How do you manage your time when you have a blog
Essential equipment for blogging i.e notebook
Tips to help with creative block
What advice you would give to a new blogger

The Blogger Behind the Blog
Five things your readers don’t know about you
Your blogging goals for the year
An Instagram update
How you got into blogging
How you got into beauty and makeup
Your dream job
Write a letter to yourself to read in a years time
Write a letter to yourself as a child
Your favourite hobbies
Your beauty horror stories
Your favourite bloggers

Brands and Trends
Upcoming beauty trends
Your favourite celebrity makeup looks
Your makeup and beauty icons
Brand focus: favourite products (brand)
Your favourite high street brands
Your favourite high end brands
Brands which deserve more recognition
Your favourite brands on social media
An entire makeup look from (brand) i.e my NARS face of the day
Brands you want to try
Brands you would like to work with
Current sales and offers

Beauty Tips & Tricks
Nail art tips and tricks
Interesting makeup storage ideas
Tackling and explaining a current beauty trend i.e strobing
Tips to make your makeup last longer
An insight into makeup expiry dates
How to clean your makeup brushes
Tips for sale shopping
How to build the perfect eyeshadow palette

Easy minimal effort hairstyle ideas
Your favourite braids
5 ways to disguise a bad hair day
Hair inspiration from Pinterest
Your favourite updo’s
How you style your hair everyday
Your favourite hair products
Your favourite hair tools
Your favourite hair accessories
Your hair history story

Your go to products for skin breakouts
Your favourite travel skincare products
Your favourite face masks
Explaining your skin type and products that are good for it
High street vs high end skincare
Best products for glowing skin
Top tips for looking after your skin
Your favourite tanning products
Your favourite skincare brand
Best drugstore skincare products

Last but not least…
100 beauty blog post ideas