one of each landscapeI’ve seen this blog post doing the rounds and I thought I’d challenge myself to the impossibly hard task of picking out one of each makeup item. I haven’t necessarily picked out my favourite products although they’re all up there as favourites, it’s more about what I could see myself wearing everyday for the rest of my life in every situation, and what goes well together. I really love changing up my makeup so I hope this hypothetical situation never ever happens as this definitely was a challenge.

Primer: Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue
I go through real phases with primer where sometimes I love using them and other times I get lazy and don’t see the point. However, a firm favourite throughout has been the matte rescue Porefessional. I much prefer it to the original which although was great at smoothing things out, made my base makeup quite slippery. This is really fresh on the skin and not only makes makeup application easier but doesn’t disrupt anything either.

Foundation: NARS Sheer Glow
Whilst I love my BB creams and CC creams, there’s some days where I just want fuller coverage, and I always reach for Sheer Glow on those days as it doesn’t feel heavy. I think I’d pick this overall as a lighter base just wouldn’t cut it for days when my skin is playing up. This will always be my go to foundation for reliability.

Concealer: Collection Lasting Perfection
Not really a massive shock as I pretty much do wear this everyday as my concealer anyway. I use the lighter shade more for under eye and would mix in some of the next shade up for blemishes so I’ve got all situations covered (literally).

Blusher: Hourglass Blush in Dim Infusion
Was torn between this and NARS Luster, and both for the same reason – they go with every makeup look. Whether it’s a day time neutral look, or a more dolled-up evening look I’ll reach for this blush. I picked it over Luster because it has slightly less sparkle and a little more sheen for a more skin-like natural finish. It’s still very buildable though for days when I want a bolder blush.

Bronzer: Benefit Hoola
I’m not that into bronzer generally, my blush collection absolutely dwarfs my bronzers so this wasn’t the hardest category. However, I do still apply a light dusting most days and for this I go for Benefit’s Hoola. Although it’s quite dark in the pan I find it works really well on my pale skin, and is really buildable. It’s a fairly inoffensive bronzer, there’s little shimmer but it’s not completely matte, it’s not too orange, and it’s not too pigmented. Easy.

Eyeshadow Palette: Stila Eyes Are The Window in Spirit
I would definitely need a palette in this situation as whilst I have a few singles, duos and quads I reach for regularly, I need some versatility here. And one of my most versatile palettes is the Stila Spirit palette. It’s great for all seasons, with some light shimmers for summer, berry tones for autumn and frost shades for winter as well as just being really versatile for general day to night looks.

Eyeliner: Charlotte Tilbury Barberella Brown Rock n Kohl Liner
I absolutely love using a black felt tip liner pen but actually I probably reach for a kohl more often. These Charlotte Tilbury ones really stay in place and are great for smudging on the lid or using on the waterline. I’d go for a dark brown as it’s a softer look for everyday but you can build this up for a smoky look too.

Brows: Benefit Gimme Brow
Picking Gimme Brow is definitely a risk, I would really miss my pomades. But the truth is I don’t want to apply a pomade everyday as it’s a) more hassle, and b) too bold a look for my normal everyday look. Gimme Brow is great defining the brows and filling them in lightly without making them look overdone.

Mascara: Maybelline Lash Sensational
I’ve been loving Lash Sensational for a long time now and it’s replace They’re Real as my all time favourite mascara. It’s not only great at lengthening and volumising (a combination which is nearly impossible to find) but it also stays all day without being an absolute pain to remove. There’s a lot of hype around this mascara but it deserves every good word said about it. It’s a real steal.

Lips: Dior Lip Glow
Finally a lip product, probably the hardest category of them all. I do challenge myself to really experiment with my lip products and I try wear something different most days. But the one I always go back to is the Dior Lip Glow which is essentially a glorified lip balm. But it’s the most flattering lip balm I own and is a gorgeous pink hue which looks different on every person. I think going for anything too bold or out there in this category would only get boring and restrictive very quick, whereas I don’t think I could ever get bored of this one.

Which products would you choose if you could only pick one of each?