For me, reading other blogs is just as enjoyable as writing my own and I love taking time out of my day to sit down and just read. I’m a very loyal blog reader, if I like your blog I will just keep coming back, and there’s a few blogs that are just absolute go-tos when my bloglovin’ feed is looking a little tired. Today I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite beauty blogs, as they tend to be my favourite posts to read. I found shortlisting this so hard so don’t be surprised if theres a part two in a few weeks and they are in no order at all as that would be much too difficult. I really recommend you check out all of these bloggers as I trust their opinions so much, but beware bank balance they’re all pretty big enablers…


Jasmine Talks Beauty
I’ve been following Jasmine’s blog for the longest of them all and it’s been so lovely to watch her blog grow as she really does deserve every success. Even though her blog has grown so fast she’s stayed exactly the same, so humble and personable. I absolutely love her writing style and she’s so damn good at describing products, sometimes I wish I had her vocabulary! She doesn’t buy into blogger hype either, so you know you can trust her opinion. Beware, her makeup collection is pretty enviable so you’ll come away with a million things more on your wish list!

Jodie Melissa
If you’re into your photography then head over to Jodie’s blog for some serious Pinterest-worthy pics. I just love how fresh and clean her entire blog is, and once again I really trust her opinion on everything. I find Jodie’s writing style really warm and friendly and watching her Instastories really helps her personality shine through. Jodie is just one of the sweetest bloggers I know and her blog is just getting better and better.

If I want to seriously expand my beauty wish list I’ll head over to Siobhán’s blog, as she just knows how to sell me a beauty product! She isn’t all product recommendations though and I love and admire her honesty when she’s not that into something. She always features different products to what everyone is talking about as she’ll haul what she likes the look of rather than just following makeup trends and hype.  I love how Siobhaán’s blog is just all beauty too as I can really get my beauty fix in!


Gemma Louise
It’s quite rare to find bloggers who actually show off their makeup skills. We’re all pretty good at talking about the makeup we love, but Gemma has some serious skill when it comes to application and her eye looks in particular are just so beautiful and inspiring. Her images alone can sell me a product and generally I think we have really similar taste in makeup so I’ve bought a lot off of the back of her recommendations.

LPage Beauty
Leanne has got to be one the most down to earth bloggers, and again I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her a little through her Instastories. Her product reviews are always so honest and detailed and she doesn’t hold back when telling you what products to avoid. She’s also a big fan of high street makeup, so whenever I’m heading into town I’ll check her blog for some recommendations before I inevitably end up spending a fortune in Boots.

Forever September
Sometimes blogs can be a bit too polished, and there is just something raw and authentic about Lucy’s blog. I love that it isn’t all makeup, and her outdoor photography posts are some of my favourites, but when she does talk beauty she really knows what she is talking about. She’s also started doing outfit posts recently and her effortless and cool style really reflects her blog. I kind of want her to be my little sister….is that creepy?

What are your favourite beauty blogs?