This used to be a pretty regular instalment on my blog and they were always such popular posts which I also really really enjoyed writing. It’s a great way to talk beauty, lifestyle and first impressions all in one go, plus it really encourages me to try out a different lip product everyday, rather than just reaching for the same old. I guess I stopped doing them as much because I’ve become a bit homebound as I do a lot of freelance writing from home, so a lot of my week is spent locked inside my office (it’s not as brutal as it sounds I swear). But last week I had a busy week with a few events in London so thought I’d experiment with a few new lip products!


Monday – Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips in Alyssa
My week started with writing in the morning (another 4000 words binge) and then later on I headed into London for a photography event with Manfrotto. I’ve never been to a photography event so it was interesting to do something a little different. Their studio was really cool and I kind of want to buy all of the camera equipment now. They very kindly gifted us their Pixi Mini Tripod which is such good timing as I’m going to Italy next week and want to make a little vlog, so I’ll definitely bring this along! I wore Alyssa on my lips which I wrote about in my recent Colourpop post and it was such a good choice. The longevity is amazing and the colour is beautiful – you can see it on my Instagram post here.

Tuesday – Korres Twist Lipstick in Seductive
Tuesday went in a very similar fashion to Monday, writing all day and an event in the evening. This was with one of my favourite brands Jurlique and it was such a lovely event in a beautiful pub in Farringdon. It was to celebrate the launch of their new Activating Water Essence and was all about the different elements. They even had terrarium making at the “earth” section, I mean hello, best event ever? I wore one of the Korres Twist Lipsticks for the first time, in the dark berry shade Seductive. The colour is beautiful, and I love the glossy finish however I found it pretty drying which was a shame. I’m going to try out a lighter shade next week and see if I have the same issue.

Thursday – Colourpop Lippie Stix in Cookie
I skipped out Wednesday as really nothing of interest happened and I didn’t bother to leave the house or put makeup on, just another day in the my office. Thursday however was another evening of blogging events (I told you this week was full on). First I headed over to Greek Street to hear about the launch of the new brand Makeup Obsession. It’s a really cool concept as you build your own palette using a mixture of eyeshadows, highlighters, contour and blush, and all really affordable. I then went on to Moorgate for an evening with Affilinet. It was really strange going from one event that was all beauty to one where everyone was talking about monitization and branding, but I had a great time and got talking to lots of bloggers who aren’t beauty bloggers which made for a change! For the evening I wore the Colourpop Lippie Stix in Cookie which was so long lasting and comfortable to wear.

Friday – Lancome Juicy Shaker in Mangoes Wild
I had a low key morning on Friday just catching up on emails and then went over to see my dad for lunch. I always love catching up with my dad as we can just chat for hours. This is one of my favourite things of working freelance – the flexibility. I had done all my work for the week so treating myself to an afternoon off was so nice and guilt free. Anyway, I wore my Lancome Juicy Shaker as it’s such a nice and lightweight formula and leaves a gorgeous tint behind. For a minimal makeup look it’s perfect.

Saturday – NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita
So Saturday was a day of a few errands, popping to the shops, picking up jeans then getting home to realise they were too short etcetera. However, in the evening Harry and I met up with our friends Becky & Scott for a delicious Indian. I knew I was going to be eating so didn’t bother with any sort of lip that was just going to come straight off straight away and went for my reliable NARS Dolce Vita instead. I’m always amazed at just how well this lasts even through all the food and all the drink I consume, and I came home and there were definitely still traces – result!

Sunday – NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Athens
Normally our Sunday is a lazy day, with us cleaning the house and getting a food shop. But instead we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Brighton! It only takes a bit over an hour to drive down and it’s a pretty nice drive too. I absolutely love Brighton, it’s the only other place I’d actually like to live as it has such a nice and energetic feel to it. It was an absolutely beautiful day on Sunday so we really lucked out with the weather, and we did all the typical seaside things like eating chips on the beach and playing arcade games on the pier. I love spontaneous days out and this was one of the best in a while. I decided to use NYX Athens as I hadn’t used it in a while, and it just reminded me how much I love it. Such a pretty lipstick and it barely felt like I was wearing anything.

What were you up to last week and what have been your recent go-to lipsticks?