I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that it is already December and 2016 is almost over. Christmas is coming round so damn fast! I’m determined to really get festive this year as it always makes me enjoy Christmas so much more, I’ve found in the past that when I don’t bother too much I don’t enjoy Christmas half as much. The build up is the best part. I have a little more time on my hands nowadays so want to spend all my time watching festive films and baking gingerbread!! My makeup bag is fully going to reflect that as I want glitter on my nails and red on my lips all month long!

Barry M Chilli & Essie Tassel Shaker
Chilli is one of the best autumnal colours, a burnt red shade which just looks beautiful at this time of year, and as with all Barry M polishes the formula is top notch. Pair that up with Essie Tassel Shaker and you’ve got the perfect festive/autumn look. I’ll start off with an accent nail but I’m pretty damn sure that by the time it reaches the 25th, it’ll all be sparkle.

Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Quad
This was one of my favourites last month and I’m sure I will continue to love it into December. The Charlotte Tilbury quads just ooze luxury and high quality and are perfect for any Christmas parties. You can keep Dolce Vita as a subtle everyday look or amp it up for the evening with the glittery pan. I love the colour selection in Dolce Vita as again you’ve got those gorgeous burnt red tones running throughout.

Charlotte Tilbury Amber Haze Colour Chameleon
I’m pretty sure I used Amber Haze on Christmas day last year as I just love how long lasting it is, and the colour blends out beautifully. I wrote recently about my Bronzed Eye Picks and swatching Amber Haze really rekindled my love for it. I don’t find these crayons particularly creamy and they can be hard to work with, but the colour pay off is amazing, and like I said the formulation really doesn’t budge.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Red Carpet Red
When I buy Charlotte Tilbury products, I swear I always have Christmas in mind, as nearly all of mine are in some way festive! Does anyone else find that? I think it’s because they’re so luxurious and perfect for Christmas parties. So as you can see there is a lot of Charlotte Tilbury in my makeup bag this month. Red Carpet Red was on my lips last Christmas day as I just love wearing a classic red lip for the festive occasion. This is by far my favourite red as it’s flattering and comfortable to wear and lasts well too. I think everyone should have a premium red lipstick in their collection and this is mine!

Akar Skin Ruby Tint Lip Balm
Of course no matter how moisturising your matte lipstick claims to be, it’ll always dry your lips out somewhat. So this month, to counterbalance all those berry shades and matte lips, I have this lip balm to keep my lips nourished throughout the day. I really love the original of this, and have raved about it a lot, but I’ve actually found myself using the red tinted one recently as it works perfectly over the top of lipsticks, especially Red Carpet Red.

NARS Luster Blush
Luster is a favourite of mine all year round, as it compliments a bronzed eye and berry lip just as much as it does the sun-kissed summer glow. It’s one of those blushers that is just a staple for me as it goes with everything and adds a subtle hint of colour without being too strong. Like all the NARS blushers, the formulation is beautiful and finely milled making it easy to work with.

Blank Canvas F20 Buffer Brush
I’ve never tried anything from Blank Canvas Cosmetics but when they sent me this buffing brush I was over the moon. My Real Techniques Buffing Brush definitely needs replacing, but annoyingly it is only sold as part of their set so I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing as the other brushes are still fine. So I’ve been on the look out for a new foundation brush, and I’m very fussy. I’ll be trialling this brush out this month to see if it’s a worth replacement so I’ll report back at the end of the month!

Sephora Outrageous Eyeshadow in Scandalous Beige
I purchased this in my Sephora Haul when I was on holiday and although it attracted a lot of attention in the post, I haven’t actually used it much. I’m still working out how best to use it, and which eyeshadow formulas go well with it. Unfortunately powder products on top seem to go a little cakey with this underneath. I actually swatched this earlier and I’m very tempted to try it as a highlighter as I think I may actually like it better this way, I’ll let you know how I get on.


What products are in your makeup bag this month?