It’s that time again for another My Week In Lipsticks post (1,2,3,4) which is probably my favourite blog post to curate and write about, and you guys seem to enjoy them too so win win! I just find it a great way to combine lifestyle and product reviews in one swoop and show you what I’ve been using recently. This week has been a fair mix between working days and days with a little more excitement, but even on those working days I’ve been trying to wear more makeup as it makes me just feel more ready and productive! Anyway, let’s start the week.

Sunday: MAC Plumful
I don’t normally start my week with a Sunday but I had a lovely day and just wanted to include it! We met up with my mum and her partner to go for a walk through some countryside with the dog in tow. It always amazes me how quickly my local area can turn into total countryside, one of the best thing about living in the suburbs, you truly get the best of both country and city. We then went on to have a pub dinner battered halloumi which was completely delicious. I played around with a new purple eye crayon so teamed it up with MAC Plumful. For some reason it seemed pinker than normal, I think because I’ve been wearing browns so much recently, but still a favourite of mine.

Monday: Dior Lip Glow
I’m pretty sure that Dior Lip Glow is the only lip product that has featured in all five of these posts, but it shows what a favourite it is, right? Monday was a fairly admin day and I worked a lot on my blog planning for the week ahead. I’m feeling really on top of things with my blog at the moment which is always a good feeling. We did also go out for a dog walk just to our local green. I actually was wearing such minimal makeup that something tragic happened, I forgot I was wearing anything and slept with my makeup on – I NEVER do that. I was shocked and horrified with myself. Never again.

Wednesday: NARS Priscilla
Skipped out Tuesday because I had a no makeup day inside writing, but Wednesday was a good’un! I had a blogging event with Benefit in the evening so headed into London in the afternoon to have a mooch around, and avoid rush hour commuting. The event was so lovely, Benefit has the nicest team I swear! I wore my NARS lipgloss in Priscilla, and this is the first time I’ve actually worn it alone and wow this one packs a punch! Definitely the best formulation of lip gloss I have ever tried, ridiculously long lasting for a gloss.

Thursday:  Charlotte Tilbury Kiss Chase
Thursday was spent tiring the puppy out with another puppy party (follow my snapchat @sallyokelly for weekly cuteness of the puppy party). Then in the evening we dropped her over to my mums and had the first night without either of us with her! Harry and I had a little “date night” (I hate that term) planned, and went to a meal and to see La La Land. I can’t actually get over how much I loved that film, now I normally hate musical theatre but this much more like an old school musical which I liked. The songs are fab, the cinematography is just beautiful and it’s just a wonderful film. I wore Kiss Chase on my lips which is a lipstick that has been pretty unloved in my collection. I have no idea why, it’s gorgeous! Definitely going to be wearing it more.

Friday: Rimmel Trendsetter
I said goodbye to Harry and Elsie on Friday as they headed to Devon for the weekend leaving me on my lonesome. I spent the afternoon with my dad in town, amazing how quickly the hours go as we could chat forever! I’ve had this Rimmel lipstick in my collection for a while but hadn’t actually got round to trying this shade yet. It seems to be so many people’s favourites so I don’t know why I ignored it for so long. It’s very pretty, and reminds me of Velvet Teddy which you all know I love!

Saturday: Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Marvelous Mauve
Saturday started off with such a productive blog photography morning and then I headed into town, this time with my brother. I had a bit of a bullet journal fiasco and bought all the wrong things (great start) so I spent most of my time returning things, although I may have picked up a couple tops in the Topshop sale…On my lips was this liquid lipstick from Sephora which I really, really like! A gorgeous shade and one of my favourite formulations.

What have you been wearing on your lips recently?