For months I heard the term bullet journal going round and to be honest I didn’t really pay it much attention. I had got to a place where my entire life’s calendar was sorted online, going back to notebooks felt like going backwards, especially one you have to fill out yourself, what the hell?! But then something clicked. I went through a binge at the end of January of bullet journal videos and I was a convert, I knew I needed one. I started at the beginning of February and I’m well into it now. This post is only going to teeter on the edge of the whole system because I have so much to say, and depending on how this one goes down I’ll do more in the future going into more depth! But for now enjoy my tips on how to use a bullet journal!

What is a bullet journal?
In the most basic terms, bullet journalling is a system where you take a blank notebook and create your own calendars and diary system to really suit your needs and lifestyle. Most contain a yearly and monthly overview, and then you fill in daily logs for the tasks to do that day, moving them around if they aren’t completed. It revolves around having an index, so you can easily navigate through your journal to find old lists and trackers.

Who does a bullet journal work for?
I feel like a bullet journal is only going to work for some people and certain lifestyles. I think this is why they’re so popular amongst bloggers, because blogging is exactly the kind of thing it’s useful for. I’ve always been a list maker, and a lot of my motivation comes from writing lists and ticking things off. I like to see my progress with things, I like to see myself achieving things. If this sounds like you then I’d definitely recommend a bullet journal. I used to write to do lists in any old notepad, and have some plans in my phone calendar, and some just in my head, now I like having everything in one place.

It sounds like a lot of time and effort, wouldn’t it be better to just get on and do the things on your to do list instead?
I did a lot of research before starting my journal and although I saw a ton of really pretty journals, most people seemed to say that they’ve stripped theirs back to actually get it to be a functional diary. I went in with the attitude that mine wasn’t going to be pretty, it was going to be as quick and easy as possible to maintain. I spent a fair amount of time setting it all up, but now that’s all done, the day to day is really quick and I’m so much more productive with my time that I’m saving time.

Do I still use online tools?
Just because I use a bullet journal doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned every other organisation method. I’ve kept my blogging schedule online, on my handy Excel spreadsheet, because I like to keep my schedule flexible and I’m always moving things around that it wouldn’t make sense to write it up in ink. I also still use Wunderlist on my phone and laptop to keep grocery lists or any lists that I need out and about because I leave my bullet journal at home most days.

What are the parts of bullet journalling I’ve most enjoyed?
I’d like to go into this in more detail in another blog post, saying the spreads that have worked for me and the ones I’ve found pointless, but for now here’s a few highlights.

  • Monthly calendar  I really love my monthly page. Lots of people spread it out over a few pages but I like that mine is all viewable in one double spread, with all the important plans coming up and a few things to do down the side.
  • Habits tracker – I thought this might be one of those novelty things but it’s probably the thing I’ve loved the most! I’m tracking so many things, such as playing the piano, not eating chocolate, washing my makeup brushes – it’s a great way to battle bad habits!
  • Monthly goals – I wrote up my 2017 goals at the beginning of my journal and every month I look over it and set more targetted monthly goals. Normally I forget about my New Years Resolutions but now I’m actually making them happen.

Do let me know if you want to see more posts on my bullet journal and link me to yours!