When I first purchased my nail varnish stand, I decided it was going to be an Essie haven. I became highly obsessed with having all those pretty white topped bottles in colour order, and anything that didn’t fit the bill went in a box under the bed. Last month I came to the realisation that I was never going to achieve my goal, mostly because half of my Essie varnishes were so old they needed chucking, so I decided to change things up and embrace a more colourful and varied nail varnish stand. Now I keep my most loved and cherished bottles in the stand, and other shades (even Essie ones) I don’t use that much under the bed. It’s a better system and a lot of nasty varnishes were chucked in the process. I won’t go through every shade but have got some favourite formulas to share.

The Essie Collection
A good third of my stand is still dedicated to Essie varnishes and that’s because they’re still some of my absolute favourites. As you can tell I have an immediate gravitation towards pink and red shades, I got rid of lots of my other colours as I just never reached for them. I find Essie varnishes all apply really beautifully, are long lasting and I love their shade range. My favourites are probably Flawless, Status Symbol, Bahama Mama and Chubby Cheeks.

The L’Oréal Color Riche A L’Huile Collection
Since I’ve become less of an Essie snob, I’ve been embracing some other brands and trying out new formulas, and my new favourite find is the L’Oréal varnishes. Not only are they encased in the most beautiful packaging, but the formula is great too so I can definitely see myself picking up more of these. Slightly random side note but they also smell really nice, and normally varnishes smell terrible! My favourite shade so far is probably Rose Ballet, a gorgeous dusky pink.

The Barry M Speedy Collection
Pretty much half of the polishes on this stand are Barry M and it’s not surprising considering how affordable they all are. Instead of putting them into colour order, I’ve divided them by formula and first up is their Speedy Quick Dry Varnishes. I must say, I’ve never particularly noticed that these ones dry much quicker than anything else I own, but I do really like the slightly muted shades. I don’t really have a favourite out of these because they’re all so different so it’s hard to compare. Although typical me probably goes for the pink In A Heart Beat the most.

The Barry M Silk Collection
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know the Barry M Silks are one of my favourite formulas, and they just don’t get enough hype! They dry matte which I normally don’t like, but they have a gorgeous sheen to them which really does look like Silk. The three shades I own are really rich colours that just look beautiful in this formula. My favourite is probably Truffle which is a gorgeous everyday taupe shade.

The Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Collection
If you’re a fan of rose gold (and I mean who isn’t?!) you’re going to love these ones. The rose gold tops look so beautiful on my stand and it makes me really pleased I spruced things up a bit! You’re meant to use these with a special top coat for a “gel effect” and sometimes I do but other times I don’t bother and I still get that high shine finish. These don’t last as long as gels (obviously) but they are very glossy and the colour range is absolutely beautiful. Dark Side Of The Shroom is one of my favourite varnishes ever!

And All The Rest
I have a few on my stand that are one-offs. I only have two of the Barry M Coconut Infusion varnishes but definitely want to get more as I really notice that the formulation is nourishing on the nails, plus again some beautiful shades there. I picked up the Formula X polished in A+ when I went to Sephora and I’m kicking myself for not picking up more. A pricey purchase but honestly the formula is so long-lasting and applies so smoothly. I do like Models Own varnishes too and have a fair few under my bed, the HyperGel formula isn’t my favourite of its type but Pink Veneer is a pretty shade so couldn’t resist putting it on my stand. Barry M Ballerina is another classic that I reach for all the time.

I hope you enjoyed looking through my nail varnish stand, do let me know your favourite formulas and shades as I’m always looking for new ones to add to my collection!