Painting my nails was probably my first consistent step into the world of beauty, I remember forever being told off at school for having painted nails – I just couldn’t help myself! For years I went without fail painting my nails every week, and then I went to university and that went kind of downhill. I found myself going weeks without painting them, and I really missed that pop of colour! Doing these “On My Nails” posts has really encouraged me to keep on top of it once again, and not leaving them to the point of being completely chipped! So let’s go again with a month of nail varnishes!

L’Oréal Nail Varnish in Rose Ballet
In the first week of February we transformed our living room. We moved into our house back in July but still had a room in the middle which had nothing in it, until recently. With a new sofa arriving, we went a little mad and got loads of things for it, including lots of prints for the walls, the world’s largest mirror and a gorgeous rug. I’m so pleased with how it looks now and we sit in there all the time! Other than that, Harry went away for the weekend so I had my first experience looking after Elsie on my own. We had a bit of a traumatic walk but generally she was a good girl! On my nails was one of my new nail varnishes from L’Oréal, Rose Ballet, a perfect rosy pink everyday shade.

L’Oréal Nail Varnish in Violet Vendôme
Another week testing out the L’Oréal nail varnishes I had purchased recently and this time going for the bright purple. I must say, I’m so impressed with these polishes. They go on so smoothly with a nice wide brush, and the longevity is pretty good too. There are definitely a few more shades I would love in my collection so don’t be surprised if I stock up! This week I had a few London days, going to the Design Museum with my dad and a Garnier event later on in the week. I also went bowling in the weekend and wasn’t quite as useless as I thought I would be, yeah I still came last both times but I did get a strike, so swings and roundabouts.

Barry M Ballerina
Barry M Ballerina is an old favourite of mine. One of the classic Barry M polishes that just ticks all the boxes with no unnecessary frills, a real go to when I just want something neutral and subtle. This week I had my haircut, slightly celebrated Valentine’s Day, met up with the lovely Laura and of course went to another puppy party. It was also my cousins 13th birthday party on Saturday so we headed over to a board game’s cafe which was the best thing ever. I kind of wish there was one locally to me, I’d be in there all the time!

Barry M Coconut Infusion in Sunkissed
I woke up Monday morning feeling super determined. I had the most productive photoshoot ever and shot some photographs I’m really proud of (for once) including this post! The next day that motivation was ever stronger as I worked on my freelancing portfolio with my sister – something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, and her expertise really helped. We headed out in the evening with Harry and my dad and went to see one of my favourite singers ever, Lisa Mitchell, she didn’t disappoint, such a highlight of 2017 already! At the end of the week it was mine and Harry’s three year anniversary so we went over to Canterbury for the day which was completely lovely. On my nails was a favourite of mine. I never thought this shade would suit me but it is me go to subtle nail varnish now. I really rate the Coconut Infusion formula too.

Which nail varnishes have you been using this month?