I feel like sharing the blogging love is something I just don’t do enough. I read so many great blogs and have gotten to know so many amazing bloggers, yet I feel like I never really shout about them other than the occasional #FF on Twitter. This is just not acceptable! Especially as I preach so much about how important it is to read other blogs when you’re a blogger yourself. I had this idea ages ago that I’d share my favourite blog posts from the month, every month, and whilst I can’t guarantee I’ll be as organised as that, I’m determined to make this style post a more regular thing. Of course, share your favourite posts in the comments too as I’m always up for discovering new blogs!

LPageBeauty – Acid 101 BHA’s and Retinol
I gave a little shout out to Leanne in my recent Skincare Ingredients Guide as she had written a more in-depth post all about AHAs and skincare acids. Well she’s back with a part two and it’s just as fab, this time talking about BHA’s and retinol. As you know I’m a big fan of delving deeper into ingredients labels to find out whether products actually work, as opposed to just trusting marketing claims, and Leanne’s posts are so informative but still remain easy to follow. I feel like ingredients aren’t actually talked about that much in blogging, so that’s why this series from Leanne really stood out to me. If you want to swot up on ingredients then I’d definitely recommend you head over to her blog as she seriously knows her stuff.

Jodie Melissa – A Guide To Perfect Looking Fake Tan
You guys probably already know that I love Jodie’s blog, and her content is just getting better and better. Now she touched on a subject that I’m completely clueless about in this blog post, so I’ve saved it and I’ll be referring back to it all summer. I’m really determined to make tanning a more regular thing as opposed to just occasionally trying it then instantly filling with regret when I’m streaks galore, but I find that the information about tanning is really basic on the internet. Jodie’s post has two guides, one for a quick fix and one for when you have a bit more time, with a great what you will need section. There are step by steps, there are product recommendations, and there are mistakes to watch out for. She’s covered everything! Love it.

Sheer Gloss – Is A High-End Stash Always More Satisfying?
I’ve followed Toni’s blog for a fair amount of time but recently it has become one of the blogs that I check religiously for new content. I just love that her posts don’t always go with the curve and she does her own thing, but beware you will come away with a very long wish list. I’m all about chatty posts, and her recent conversation was all about high-end makeup and whether it’s actually as good as it sounds to have an incredibly large high-end beauty stash. It’s a really thought-provoking post, and when most of us just share our makeup bags and review products, it’s nice to read something with a little more substance. I hope Toni keeps up her chatty posts as she writes in a way that it feels like you’re having a conversation with a friend.

Which posts have been your favourite to read recently?