For some reason, mascara isn’t something I talk about too much on here. I go on and on about my favourite lipsticks, foundations and eyeshadow, but when it comes to mascara I’ll only ever namedrop one here and there. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever done a full review on a single mascara. I think it’s because I’m constantly disappointed by mascaras because they claim so much and deliver so little. Even when I find one that I like, I’m not very loyal and tend to go for a different one next time around, I do have a few favourites though, but I do have lots of duds. So today I thought I’d give mascaras the airtime that they need on here and talk about some on rotation.

Clarins Supra Volume Mascara
I know I just said I rarely repurchase mascara, but with this one I actually will because it’s my favourite mascara ever. It still doesn’t give me that false lash effect, but it does do a good job at adding volume, definition and length, generally, it’s a good all-rounder. I always thought high-end mascaras were a waste of money, and I’m still not sure if that is true because I simply haven’t tried enough, but actually, this isn’t too much more than most high street mascaras now which are forever going up in price. It’s quite a dry formula, which I love (pet hate is really wet mascaras), and it adds volume without going clumpy. If you look at it, it’s quite a traditional looking mascara. There are no funky wands in sight, and on this instance, I think that’s probably best.

Eyeko Lash Alert! Mascara*
I was really excited to try this as I’ve always wanted to try an Eyeko mascara, but sadly it has been a complete disappointment. It’s packed with ingredients to stimulate lash growth, which is great, but the problem is that I don’t like the mascara enough to want to wear it every day so haven’t noticed any effects as it only gets used once in a blue moon. I just find it doesn’t do much for my lashes at all, it doesn’t add any volume, and as for lift on my down-pointing lashes – impossible. It doesn’t last long at all either, after a few hours it completely disappears. Maybe I’ll try layering this under another mascara to enjoy the nourishing effects.

Nude By Nature Defining Mascara In Brown
You guys probably know I love Nude by Nature and swear by their subtle makeup, but actually, when it comes to mascara, I don’t really want subtle, so again this mascara doesn’t get all too much love. I do like having a brown mascara in my collection, and it is good for definition, but when it comes to volume and length, again this doesn’t do much. Like the Eyeko mascara, this one disappears after just a few hours so not really worth my time. I don’t mind the “weak” formula in the brown because it’s good for lazy low-key days, but I can’t stand the black version of this one.

L’Oréal Telescopic Mascara
Various alterations of the L’Oreal telescopic mascaras have entered my makeup bag over the years, and I’ve always liked them. The thin wand is just perfect for lengthening lashes and I also really like using them as a bottom lash mascara because you can get much closer to the lash roots. I don’t tend to use this just on its own really, I prefer to use it on top of a volumising mascara (like my Clarins one) to redefine the lashes and add some length, but it’s definitely one of my most used mascaras in this sense.

Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara*
This mascara hasn’t gone down particularly well amongst bloggers, with lots of people saying it doesn’t add any volume to their lashes at all. Now I don’t understand that in the slightest as this is one of the most volumising mascaras I’ve tried, however, it’s not as good as it seems as it’s also incredibly clumpy. If you’re going for a Twiggy-esque 60s vibe, you may just love this, but for me it’s a bit too much for everyday use. I also find the formula ridiculously wet and takes forever to dry. I’m hoping it’ll dry up a bit as I might like it more then, but maybe that shake thing it has got in it will stop that happening. Who knows!! Not really a favourite.

Now you can probably see why I don’t write about mascara much, I basically hate them all!! Do let me know your favourite mascaras as I’m always open to new suggestions.