This year I decided I wanted to share my makeup collection a little more with you, and so far I’ve shared my lipsticks on display and my nail varnishes on display, and this time I’ve ventured more into my makeup drawers starting off with my eyeshadow palettes. Now I wouldn’t say my eyeshadow palette collection is that huge especially for a blogger, I’m pretty fussy when it comes to picking up palettes. However, it’s still way too big for one post so I’m dividing this one in two, or maybe three as otherwise we will be here all day!

Nude by Nature Natural Wonders Eye Palette (Swatches)
A while back Nude by Nature very kindly gifted me their entire eye collection which was so generous but a little overwhelming. It took me a long time to really get to see what my favourites were, but I soon discovered that this palette would become one. Inspired by the Australian landscape, it’s a beautiful blend of nude shades and pops of blue, in some ways it’s a really typical neutrals palettes and in other ways it’s really different. The formula isn’t my favourite, I’m into buttery shadows and these are quite firmly pressed, however, you can create so many gorgeous everyday looks with it that it still gets a fair amount of love. I used to completely shy away from the blues but recently I’ve been experimenting with blues along the lower lash line and I kinda like it!

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette (Review)
I’ve never been too bothered with any non-Naked Urban Decay palettes, let’s be honest I only really stick to neutrals. However, when I first spotted this I became obsessed and picked it up as soon as it was released. Like all Vice palettes, it was a limited edition so I’m glad I got it when I did. There are plenty of wearable shades in here, but also a nice amount of hues slightly out of my comfort zone. I love the way it’s organised in columns to easily create looks, or you can be a little more experimental with it. I must admit I don’t get as much use out of this as I thought I would have, but it’s perfect for special occasions and when I fancy sprucing things up a bit.

Sephora Vintage Filter Palette (Swatches)
As you probably know, I normally only purchase things with a few blogger recommendations behind my back, but this was one of the rare products I picked up knowing absolutely nothing about it. I was in Sephora in Italy and spotted it, then next day came rushing back to get it. I was so drawn to it because again, it was a little unusual and a little out of my comfort zone, but not too much. The shadows in this palette are pretty sheer, and although I know some people would hate that, on my pale skin they show up really nicely and inject a little bit of colour in a really subtle way. This palette wouldn’t be for everyone, but I really like it!

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette
So far the palettes I’ve featured are all quite out there (for me anywhere) so let’s re-enter the comfort zone with a little bit of Too Faced. This is actually the only Too Faced palette I own, I know no sweet peach or chocolate bars to be seen, but it’s one of my all time favourite palettes so I really must expand my collection. I was saying earlier how much I like buttery formulas, and these are just that, probably the most buttery formula I own, and the shades themselves are perfect. This is my go-to palette for when I’m going away because you can create so many different looks with it and you’ve got all bases covered. Plus I just love the sleek but sturdy tin packaging.

Urban Decay Naked 1, 2 and 3 Palettes
I won’t go on too much about my Naked palettes as I feel like everything there is to be said has been said on the internet about them, however, I must say they’re three of my most reached for palettes. They really do deserve the legendary status that they have because they encase the most perfectly curated selection of shades and the formula is always the highest quality. I really struggle to pick my favourite from the three because I love all of them, but if I had to I’d probably pick Naked 1 as it’s slightly more versatile than the other two.