I started my bullet journal in February this year and after a month I wrote all about my experience. If you don’t know what a bullet journal is or anything like that, I recommend you skim through that post first as otherwise none of this will make any sense. I still kind of laugh at the whole concept of bullet journalling, in my head I slightly have that it’s just a plain notebook mentality, and I do sometimes feel as if I’m part of some weird cult when I talk about it. However, it really has helped my organise my head and my life so I can’t mock it too much. I gave some glimpses of my own journal in my previous post but today I thought I’d share some of my favourite pages in a bit more detail. Just to prepare you, mine is in no way pretty, I can’t be bothered to make it looks nice so a few different coloured pens will just have to do!

Habits Tracker
This is a spread I thought I’d try after seeing it online but realistically didn’t think I’d actually bother with it. But actually, it’s one of my favourite things about having a bullet journal. Basically, you come up with a list of habits you want to track, then at the end of each day, you tick off the things you did. So for example, I use it to track skills like how often I’m practising piano and working out, and other habits such as having days where I eat no chocolate, where I don’t spend anything etc. The habits I put in are all a bit trial and error, and if I’m not feeling it throughout the month I’ll just stop tracking it and leave it off the next month’s list. It’s really opened my eyes up to my bad habits and encouraged me to keep up with some skills.

Monthly Log
Out of the yearly log, monthly log and the daily log, the monthly is definitely the one that I’ve found most useful. I use all three, and the bulk of my bullet journal is full of daily logs, but the monthly overview has really helped me get my life together. I used to be so bad with remembering plans, some I’d have on my phone calendar, others I’d have in emails and some I’d just keep in my head – a total recipe for disaster. I love having everything in one place. I also really like that my monthly log is a double page spread and you can see it in one quick go. I did a lot of research into the layout of my monthly log, and I’m so pleased I went with this one as it suits me so well.

Work Due & Payments Tracker
I’ve had a few revisions of this spread, and at first, they were two completely different pages, but now I think a double page spread works perfectly. This is basically how I track my freelance writing work as I always have an absolute ton of little projects and it gets confusing knowing what to prioritise. I still use a spreadsheet online to formally track incomings but this is a great way to instantly see what work I need to send off and whether I’ve been paid. I’ve had to blur a lot out for obvious reasons but I’m sure you get the general idea!

Other useful pages:

  • 2017 Goals: I love looking at this once a month to see how I’m getting on with my goals, rather than just forgetting about them like I normally do. A lot of them I’ve already changed my mind about but there’s nothing wrong with changing goals!
  • Repeat Blog Posts: This page is just a basic list of blog posts that I can repeat on a weekly, monthly or even yearly basis, such as monthly favourites  and my week in lipsticks. I come back to this page when I’m planning out my content for the month.
  • Birthdays: I’m pretty useless with remembering birthdays other than my close family, so I’ve got everyone’s birthdays in one handy page! I check back at this when I’m doing my monthly log.

If you have a bullet journal, which are your favourite spreads?