This post has been sponsored by Janina Ultra White.

From the 15th of May to the 15th of June, it’s National Smile Month, and I was challenged by Janina Ultra White to a month of teeth whitening and fab oral hygiene. National Smile Month is all about raising awareness of oral health, not just for whiter teeth but preventing gum disease and spotting the signs of mouth cancer, so a really important cause. Janina’s whitening products have come at a great timing for me as really recently my friend had his teeth professionally whitened and I was so tempted to do the same. Now that I’ve tried this at-home kit I think I’ll just stick to Janina as after a fair few weeks of testing I’m seeing really great results.

Activated Charcoal Toothpaste*
Janina offer a whole host of whitening products, and one of their best-sellers is this charcoal toothpaste. I’ve wanted to try charcoal toothpaste for a long long time as it’s said to be great for removing stains, and this one only uses natural enzymes so no harsh abrasives. Now I’m ridiculously fussy about toothpaste, I’m constantly complaining that they’re just not fresh enough. Well I stand corrected. This is one of the strongest toothpastes I’ve tried in terms of freshness, but not in that eye-watering way, just a really really nice minty way. My mouth feels so clean after using it (although my sink most definitely is not), and after just one use I definitely noticed whiter teeth. I was using this morning and night, but now I’ve kept it to nighttime use as I like to use one for cavity protection etc in the morning, but using it just once a day is making a huge difference and I’m really noticing the stains fading. I love it!

Instant Whitening Spray
With the toothpaste and whitening trays I have stuck to a real routine, but with this instant spray it has become a bit more of a ‘if and when I need it’ product, and I just love it. Basically, you spritz it into your mouth, swirl it around then spit it out – no water required. I’ve put this in my handbag for those desperate midday desires to brush teeth and it works so well as a little top up of freshness, whilst providing the cavity protection that mints and chewing gum definitely don’t give. I can’t say I’ve noticed massively whitening effects, but for freshness it gets top marks!

Pre-Filled Whitening Trays
I actually used these before I started using the toothpaste and spray as I wanted to see how they performed on their own, as they’re most like the treatment you would get professionally in a dentist. They’re trays you slot onto your teeth for 35 minutes everyday, for five days, and you should see instant results. I normally hate stuff like this, I thought it was going to make me gag, but actually it was quite comfortable and I just kept myself busy for the waiting time. The first day was the day I noticed the most results and I was shocked at just how white my teeth were. The only problem I had was that the whitening paste hadn’t quite reached down to the bottoms of my teeth, so whilst the top were bright white, the bases still had stains. Each day I noticed my teeth get whiter, but not quite as dramatic as the first day, where I guess the majority of the work is done. I would definitely recommend these trays, I’d say they probably aren’t as effective as a dentistry treatment, but they do a good job at removing any initial staining.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Janina Ultra White products, not only for whitening but just general freshness! My favourite is probably the charcoal toothpaste, I’ve noticed instant effects with it and just love the incredibly minty taste. The instant spray has also become a handbag essential. If you’re looking for at home teeth whitening products, I’d definitely recommend Janina Ultra Whites, which you can buy at Boots, and you can enjoy a beautiful smile all throughout National Smile Month!

Will you be trying any Janina Ultra White products?