I feel like the launch of the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer was quite a low-key one, I saw it here and there but it wasn’t quite like other launches. But recently, it has really gained some serious momentum and I’m spotting this concealer just about everywhere, and only with rave reviews. I haven’t tried too many high-end concealers, there’s no Urban Decay Naked, or NARS Creamy Concealer to be found in my collection, it’s all Collection and Seventeen. I don’t really know why I don’t splurge on concealers, I guess I’m just happy enough with high street ones, but for some reason, I was really drawn to this one. So let’s see whether it’s worth all those rave reviews.

The shade
Part of the reason I’ve always been ok with high street concealers is that I generally fit quite well into their limited shade range, however, I really appreciate that this is not the case for lots and lots of people and I find it really disappointing that some of my favourite formulas still only have a couple shades. With this concealer, there are 16 shades to choose from and I picked out Vanilla which luckily is a good match. Normally I use two concealers, a lighter one for under my eyes and a darker one for any pigmentation, but actually, I’ve found this shade works as a happy medium for both.

The packaging
I’ve always been a fan of concealers in a pot, which I know is rare as most people hate them. But personally, I find that you have more control over how much you use, and you can really warm the product up with your fingers beforehand for an easier and smoother application. They often have higher pigmentation too, and as long as you’re careful with no double dipping over blemishes, you can keep your concealer pots bacteria-free. So yes, I like this packaging, and in typical NARS style, I love the matte velvety texture of the lid. Although I can see this becoming absolutely disgusting in no time!

Wearing L’Oreal True Match Foundation & NARS Soft Matte Concealer

The formula
The formula is ridiculously creamy, you can literally feel it melting under your finger as soon as you touch it which makes it incredibly easy to blend for a really seamless and natural finish. Natural is definitely a word I would associate with this concealer. Normally I go for brightening liquid concealers for under my eyes which really lifts my complexion for a glowy look. With this, it has a matte finish so definitely not glowy, but I actually really like how it looks under my eyes as it’s just so natural. It looks like I don’t have concealer on and that also I don’t have massive under eye circles (which is 100% not true). You could get away with wearing just this and no one would know you’re wearing makeup.

The longevity
Under my eyes, this stays on like no other. I haven’t even been bothering with setting it with powder as it holds longer than normal concealers do, even with powder. On the rest of my face, I’m less impressed as it just seems to disappear so quickly. My skin is fairly blemish-free at the moment, but on the old spot scars I do have ,the concealer has clumped around it slightly so I wouldn’t recommend this for blemishes or dry skin as it just doesn’t hold onto that initial flawless finish.

The verdict
I bought this concealer thinking it’d be great for covering up old scarring and any pigmentation, but I’ve found myself using it as an under-eye concealer. Whilst on initial application it seems to cover up everything flawlessly, it just only seems to stick around under the eyes on my skin. My search for a general face concealer continues! However, this is probably the best under eye concealer I’ve ever used. I don’t use it every day, on days where I’m wearing more makeup and want to contour I’ll use my trust Collection Lasting Perfection for a bit more glow. But it’s just so perfect for no-makeup days when I need to make my under eyes look more awake.

If you’re after a concealer for dark under eye circles, or just want a more natural matte finish I’d definitely recommend this. I’d probably stear clear if you have dry skin or want to cover up blemishes.

Will you be trying the NARS Soft Matte Concealer?