At the beginning of the year, I said I wanted to try out some more beauty services and LVL was the top of my list of things to try. I’ve always had quite long eyelashes but they’re painfully stubborn and refuse to hold a curl for longer than five minutes. It’s really frustrating coating them in mascara to basically show no difference as they’re so flat. LVL is a lash lift, where they perm your lashes to hold a curl for around 6-8 weeks and tint them, so I thought it’d be the perfect option for me as I’m not too fussed with lengthening or volumising my lashes, I just want them to hold a better shape. I finally went for my lash lift a week and a half ago and there were definitely highs and lows, it’s a story to tell!

Before the lash lift

The experience
Everything I’ve read online about having LVL lashes has been rather relaxing, some people even said they fell asleep during the procedure, so I went in not really expecting much. It takes around an hour and they apply various perming solutions and glues to your lashes, then a tint. I have quite flickery eyes generally and as soon as I lay down and shut my eyes, they just started flickering uncontrollably. I guess this started to stress me out a little and I had to focus so hard on keeping my eyes shut.

Then the worst thing happened. The bed started spinning and I had really bad vertigo and basically, I began to feel very, very sick and hot. By this point my beautician had cottoned on that I wasn’t feeling great, and even asked if I wanted to stop the procedure. But I had wanted to do this for so long that I insisted we continue. She turned off the heated blanket under me, opened the door and got me some water and I felt a lot better. The first twenty minutes were the worst and I’d say after this, things got better, by the end I had relaxed and my vertigo had gone. I still struggled to shut my eyes though.

The sensation on my lashes themselves was absolutely fine, my sickness did definitely get worse when she was fiddling with my lashes but it wasn’t painful, uncomfortable and didn’t sting. I spoke to my mum afterwards who had it done at the same time and she hated it too, but more because she found it uncomfortable, she didn’t experience the same disorientation like I did.

After the lash lift – no eye makeup – unedited

The results
As soon as I looked at my lashes in the mirror I was over the moon. The results were better than I had expected. I kept thinking I had a strand of hair in my eye but really it was just the lashes touching onto my brow area – something that has never happened before! No one believes when I’m not wearing mascara as my lashes just look so much fuller with the tint and lift. The lift seemed to take to one my eyes better but over the last week they’ve settled so are looking much more even, yet still holding a beautiful curl. In almost two weeks I haven’t noticed much difference to when I first got them done, maybe the tint is starting to fade slightly but I feel like they’re going to last me well.

The verdict
It’s amazing how much your lashes can change your face, and since I’ve had them done, my overall desire to wear makeup has lessened. I feel like I don’t even need foundation when I have these amazing lashes. When I do reach for makeup, I seem to have a lot more to choose from. I wrote a mascara post recently where I basically slated all of them, but since I’ve had my lash lift I’ve actually been enjoying some of the ones that I’ve previously hated. It has basically made me less fussy. I have found applying eyeshadow and liner a little tricker than before because now my lashes are getting in the way as normally you’d curl them last, but I guess that isn’t a bad problem to have!

The experience was horrible, and I kind of wish I didn’t love them this much as I’m dreading going through it again. But to be honest, I think I will put myself through it again because I just adore the results and maybe next time it’d be better because I’d know what to expect. I have the lashes I’ve always wanted, without any damage that extensions can do and just have so much more confidence going makeup-free.

If you’re considering an LVL lash lift, don’t let my bad experience put you off – you might be absolutely fine. And I pretty much guarantee you will love the results!

Have you ever had a lash lift and if not, would you consider one?