Last month I declared that I wanted to share the blogging love a little bit more and started a new series of blog posts which caught my eye. Well, I haven’t forgotten about it, all month I’ve been saving my favourite posts with this post in mind, and today has come the day that I’m going to share some of my favourites. Not only are all three of these owners of some of my favourite blogs, but they’re also some of my favourite bloggers too – all such nice girls. So let’s take a look at what caught my eye throughout June.

Jasmine Talks Beauty -What Makeup & Beauty Means To Me
I’ve been following Jasmine’s blog for so long and it made me so happy to watch her blog explode in the massive success that it now is. I’m a huge believer that makeup is empowering and people should have the choice of what little or how much they want to wear without any judgement. In this post Jasmine talked about her personal relationship with makeup and beauty, how it captures memories and how it brings people together. It’s honestly such a heartwarming post to read and it made me really appreciate how nice it is to be part of this amazing community of beauty lovers and how makeup is just so much more than the end result. A must read.

A Little Kiran – Lavender Lips
One of my favourite posts to read are beauty looks, and nowadays I feel like they don’t happen that much. It’s big and bold to put your face all over your blog especially if you’re showing off your makeup skills, so I guess that’s why makeup tutorials are few and far between. However, Kiran is there to tick that box for me as she’s always trying new trends and showing off her makeup looks. This time she’s tried something that most people couldn’t pull off, and somehow she has. I absolutely admire her desire to try something new and a little bit out there!

Isobel Rose – On Being An Introverted Blogger
Isobel is one of my favourite people in blogging, a true friend that I’ve met through it all. As you all know, I love a chatty post, and I love a post where people just share what they’re feeling without necessarily trying to change anything or make a groundbreaking point. I’m not very good at this myself and I wish I could be better. If I’m honest, it’s something I haven’t thought about before, but now she’s raised it I definitely appreciate that an industry once so for introverts is kind of against it. Definitely a food for thought post which I really enjoyed reading.

What have been your favourite posts to read this month?