When I find a concealer I really like, I’m incredibly loyal to it. Unlike foundations, which I never seem to repurchase, I’m always picking up my favourite concealers again and again and I think it’s because I just find it difficult to actually find ones I like. However, I do always have a few concealers and correctors on rotation as I’m forever testing new ones, but I nearly always go back to the same combination – which you’ll discover. I genetically have quite dark under eye circles, the perks of deep-set eyes, so I nearly always use both a corrector and concealer.

Benefit Erase Paste
I absolutely hated Erase Paste when I first got it, it’s so pink that I was just like how the hell am I meant to use this with my relatively pale skin?! However, after some time away I decided to try it again and now it’s a completely different story. I think I was using it on its own when I first had it, or not using enough concealer on top so it just looked too pink. Now barely a day passes without me using this as it does such a good job at covering my dark circles. I’d never dream of using it on its own, but under a concealer it’s perfect.

Collection Lasting Perfection in Fair
Speaking of using Erase Paste under a concealer, this is normally the one I reach for, and the second part of my favourite combination. I know Lasting Perfection is a bit of a marmite product, but I personally love it, and I think it’s because I quite like dryish concealers. I find that hydrating concealers just don’t last on my skin and those pesky dark circles seep through. If you have dark circles and don’t suffer from dry skin, you definitely need to try this and with the small price tag, there’s no excuse not to!

Collection Lasting Perfection in Lemon
I was so excited when I heard they were making colour correcting versions of my favourite Lasting Perfection and I just knew I had to try one. I decided to go for Lemon, as I don’t suffer from redness or sallow skin which the other two compesate for, and lemon is used to counteract the purples, so can be used under the eyes or on blemish scarring. The formula feels exactly the same as the original concealer, thick, highly pigmented and creamy. I like it under the eyes with concealer but I don’t like it as much as Erase Paste as it seems to go a little ashy. It does do a good job with dark circles though if you’re after a cheaper alternative.  However, I particularly like this on blemish scars.

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer
My only qualm with Lasting Perfection is that it’s a little too heavy for days where I don’t want to wear foundation, or when I’m wearing a lightweight foundation. So I started using Radiance Reveal instead which is a lot less thick and much more hydrating. I do like this concealer, I’ve written about it a lot, but as I said before hydrating concealers just disappear off my skin so quickly no matter which setting powder I use. What I like about this concealer is how brightening it is on the skin, so if you’re into that then give this a go.

NARS Soft Matte Concealer
Since owning this concealer, I’ve kind of ditched the Bourjois one and use this for my lightweight base. I wouldn’t say this is a light coverage concealer, by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s so natural looking that it’s perfect for days when I’m not wearing foundation. I wrote afull review on this recently so I won’t ramble too much but basically I use this as an under eye concealer on good skin days.

Beauty Pie The Unbeatable Concealer
As you’ve probably noticed, everything I’ve mentioned has been about concealing dark circles. Well at the moment I’m luckily enjoying blemish-free skin so foundation alone normally does the trick. However, when I do have a blemish, it’s normally this concealer from Beauty Pie that I reach for. It covers any pigmentation well with a nice matte finish. I like this concealer, but I don’t love it, and I’m still yet to find my holy grail concealer for blemishes, so do let me know your suggestions.

What concealers and correctors do you currently have on rotation?