It’s that good old time again when I sit down and write about my monthly favourites. Although I said I wanted to change my blog content to feature more individual products, I will always have the time of day to write about what I’ve been loving throughout the month. This month it has been a fairly low-key makeup month, my LVL lashes are still going strong and the weather has been pretty damn warm, so I’ve been less about piling the makeup on. But as always I do have a few favourites.

Kiss imPress Press-on Manicure
I have a vague memory of trying on some press-on nails when I was about six and they lasted all of about five minutes. Well, that was my expectations with these but it turns out these lasted way longer than five minutes, more like five days! I applied these so quickly and so easily as they just fit my natural nail shape perfectly and have glue already applied to them. I peeled them off in the end because a couple were starting to get a little bent, but I reckon I could have squeezed even more time out of them. I’m definitely going to be picking up more pairs as I’m pretty sure they’re my new obsession. Visit my Instagram to see them on.

Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara
I’ve mentioned this mascara quite a lot recently and I couldn’t not mention it again as I’ve barely reached for anything else throughout June. It’s definitely a low-key mascara so if you’re after serious volume or length then you probably won’t think much of it. But on my LVL lashes it works perfectly to just darken them and add a touch of definition, plus the nourishing formula is definitely making them feel stronger.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation (Review)
I was in two minds about mentioning this foundation as my love for it has dwindled throughout the month. For the first half of June I was obsessed, I hated the coverage foundation but this serum one had a good amount of coverage and lasted ages. I’ve gone off it in the second half and I can’t really pinpoint why. I guess maybe medium coverage foundations confuse me and I never feel the need for them. I’ve been reaching for really lightweight foundations a lot this month but when I want coverage I’ll go for something fuller than this. So I’m feeling like it doesn’t have much of a place in my collection.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Lipstick 45
This is a last minute favourite as I only started using it recently, but one that has made an instant impression on me. I love the Rimmel lipsticks, as you know, and this is such a gorgeous dusky pink shade. It’s so easy to wear and has been a great choice for when I’ve wanted something on my lips, but nothing bold. You can see it in action on my recent Camo Collection post.

Colourpop La La Super Shock Shadow
You may have spotted my Colourpop haul this month and my instant favourite has been the La La Super Shock Shadow. I love the formula of these eyeshadows but feel they’re much better in these shimmery and metallic shades than the mattes, I’ve found the two mattes I bought are quite hard to work with. La La on the other hand is a gorgeous copper shimmer which I’m going to get a lot of use out.

NARS Soft Matte Concealer (Review)
In my full review of this concealer I said that I liked this concealer more when I’m wearing either no foundation or a lightweight one, and because that has been the case most of the month, this has definitely been my concealer of choice. I love how close a shade match it is to my skin so it really looks like I’m wearing nothing but yet my imperfections and dark circles are gone. A must-have summer concealer.

Which products have been your favourites this month?