I am back with the third part of my eyeshadow collection series, if you want to take a look back have a read through parts 1 and parts 2 to see more of my collection. I’ve really enjoyed doing this series so let me know if you want me to do the same with mascaras, blushers, lipsticks etcetc, we could literally be here all day! For now enjoy my final few eyeshadow palettes, including some current favourites, old favourites and ones that really aren’t my favourites at all!

Clarins The Essentials Eye Makeup Palette
If I’m honest I found this palette quite disappointing from Clarins. Whilst I really like the shades, the formula is quite grainy, with the shimmer shades containing huge chunks of glitter which make them difficult to work with. I did a palette cull recently where I gave a few away to friends and family, and surprisingly this one did make the cut. I kept it because I really do like the plum tones and feel like they compliment my green eyes nicely. It’s a very autumnal/Christmas party type palette so I’m going to keep it until then, if I struggle with it then, then I’ll probably rehome it.

Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes Palette
I know what you’re thinking. Has my blog been hacked? Is this really Sally? Well yes you have a point, this is such an unlike me palette and to be honest I don’t quite know what I was thinking. I went through a phase ages back where I decided I wanted to start wearing Anna Karina styled blue eyeshadow and this was the only affordable palette I could find that had a matte light blue (I wonder why??). Well turns out that was a bad life decision and I gave up on the dream of looking 1960s French and went back to neutrals pretty quickly. However, I guess this is a fun palette to have for when I’m feeling experimental – which is basically never – or for fancy dress. To be fair for matte bright shades this really does do the job, you can always rely on Sleek for high-quality pigmentation.

Stila In The Light Eye Shadow Palette
This has got to be one of the oldest palettes I own because I’ve had a little search on my blog and it appears zero times which is madness considering how much I used to love this one! I honestly can’t believe I’ve *never* mentioned it. This palette is in a bit of a sorry state as the mirror has cracked, and well the cardboard packaging hasn’t really survived, but I have so much nostalgia for it that I would hate to chuck it! Plus I’m pretty sure it has been discontinued. There are so many beautiful shades in this palette (Kitten, Bubbly and Sunset I’m looking at you) and I feel like the Stila eyeshadow formula is really underated, definitely one of my favourites.

Stila Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette In Spirit (Review)
When Stila rebranded I did serious heart eye emojis and whilst I’m sad they discontinued my beloved In The Light palette, this is a worthy replacement especially as it contains the cult shade Kitten. The metal packaging is a 100 times better than the previous cardboard type, and the shades inside are a real treat. This is one of those palettes I reach for when I’m not feeling that experimental as all the options are quite safe, and the surprise shade I love is Slate which has a gorgeous purple iridescent running throughout.

Blank Canvas Master Series Palette One (Review)
I have so many palettes which contain the most beautifully pigmentated and buttery soft shimmer shades but have the few token matte shades which are complete duds. So I was really excited to try a full palette dedicated to just matte shades to see if things were different, and let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed! I wrote a full review of this palette not too long ago, and my thoughts haven’t changed at all since then, so if you want to know more go have a read. But basically, I bloody love this palette. I use it all the time as the shades are so wearable and versatile. Big big fan of this one.

Are any of these eyeshadow palettes in your collection?