For some reason, I never used to think investing in high-end lip glosses was worth it. I would happily throw down twenty quid for a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, but I couldn’t do the same with a gloss. I don’t really know why I had this mentality, maybe I was just satisfied with high street glosses, and didn’t understand how they could be that different. Well back at Christmas time I became curious and was lucky enough to receive a NARS lip gloss in the bright pink Priscilla. Spoiler alert, I loved it so much that a few months later I found myself with Chihuahua too.

Out of all the high-end lip glosses, I knew it had to be a NARS one. They’ve always slightly intrigued me, what with their cult classic Kardashian favourite Turkish Delight, but I ended up trying the vibrant shade Priscilla first. Priscilla definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I adore the bright cool-toned pink and because it’s a gloss, it makes wearing a bright shade much easier. One of the first thing I noticed about Priscilla was how pigmented it is. With lots of glosses, you have to pile it on quite thick in order to actually have a consistent colour, but with Priscilla it goes on bright pink in just one coating.

It delivers a seriously high shine finish, which I love from a gloss, but doesn’t feel at all tacky or uncomfortable. The shine lasts for a decent amount of time, even through eating or drinking, but the most impressive thing is the colour longevity. Priscilla almost works as a stain for the lips and lasts a good 4 hours before re-application is needed, and even then you can still see colour on the lips. It fades really nicely which is rare for a bold lip colour and even though it’s bright I can easily reapply this without a mirror.

Whilst I love Priscilla, I quickly realised it wasn’t exactly an everyday lip colour and wanted something a bit more wearable as I loved the formula so much. So along came Chihuahua, a gorgeous dusky rose shade. I have used Chihuahua so much since I’ve had it in my collection, either on top of lipsticks or on its own. I don’t find it as glossy as Priscilla, but that’s fine for everyday use as instead it naturally makes my lips look plumper and fuller.

The colour payoff is still really strong. I have quite pigmented lips naturally so I struggle with light glosses as they look slightly milky on my lips, but because Chihuahua packs a punch in one swipe, it blends really evenly to my natural lip colour. Again, Chihuahua is really long-lasting, it maybe doesn’t have that same stain effect on my lips but because it’s so neutral it’s really easy to top up when out and about.

I think the fact that I’ve tried two very different shades from the collection shows just how good the NARS lip glosses are. Whether you’re after a bright like Priscilla or an everyday shade like Chihuahua, I guarantee you will love these glosses and feel they’re worth the splurge.

Have you tried any NARS lip glosses?