When I first started wearing nail varnish when I was around 14, I was all about the bright shades. Rain or shine, I was always trying out vibrant shades, yellow and green being personal favourites. Nowadays, I have a bit more of an appreciation for the subtle nail and tend to go for neutrals and light pinks, but there’s still a part of me that loves the brights. So I was very excited to try the new Beach Ready collection from Rimmel which features five gorgeous summer shades. The 2 step gel system uses a top coat to lock in shine and keep them lasting for 14 days – quite the claim.

I’ve used the Super Gel formula from Rimmel before but didn’t realise there was a top coat involved, and even without it they gave me decent wear.  I find the Super Gel’s really easy to apply, they have a nice wide brush which I’m a big fan of and they dry relatively quickly. The brush is quite stiff compared to other wide brushes I’ve tried, which some might like and some might not. Personally, I quite like it as it gives a little more control.

The shades in the Beach Ready collection are all gorgeous. Purple Splash is my favourite as it makes a great dupe for Essie Lilacism which I had to chuck out recently, although it goes on slightly more streaky than the other darker shades. I’ll probably pass on Coral Queen simply because I never find that orange nail polishes suit me, but the rest are all going to get a lot of love.

Now 14 day wear? A weeks tops with no chipping even with the top coat, however, that is much better than some other formulas I own. I’ve found the trick is work with thin coats. When I first tried them I applied two thick coats and the top coat and I started to notice chipping just a couple days later, but if I stick to two thin coats I can get a good five days with no chips. The top coat is definitely worth picking up as it really does add that high-shine gel finish to the look, although I found they started to dull by the end of the week.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed. The Super Gel formula from Rimmel is just a nice and reliable polish formula, and these new shades are everything you need for summer nails.

Have you tried the Rimmel Super Gel polishes before?