The Serum and Coverage foundations from The Ordinary have got to be one of the most hyped up releases in a long while. With numbers going round like a 25,000 person waiting list, I was surprised one day to pop onto their website and see them in stock. I knew this was a one off so ordered both there and then, and a few weeks later (serious delays people) they arrived. Now as I wrote this they’re out of stock again, but I’m sure they’ll start to get on top of things soon, so if you want these in your life don’t give up just yet. Today I thought I’d review them and see which I prefer – spoiler, I definitely have a favourite.

Why are these so hyped up?
The Ordinary have made serious waves in the beauty industry, known for their affordable no-nonsense skincare which actually works. Well, the foundations take on this same approach, simple foundations with high-quality ingredients for budget costs. Lots of people are comparing these to high-end foundations, just like they do with the skincare, so it’s not surprising there’s been a lot of hype considering they are only a fiver each. Their packaging isn’t much to write home about, it’s practical, with a nice pump, although I’d be worried about taking it away with me and nothing feels all that secure.

The Serum Foundation
When I ordered these I wasn’t all that fussed about the serum foundation. I was much more excited about the coverage one as I find it harder to find a good quality affordable full coverage foundation, whereas I have a fair few high street lightweight bases, however, I was pleasantly surprised. When picking shades I knew I’d be either 1.1N or 1.2N and decided to go a touch darker for the serum one as they say you can be within three shades on the serum one so didn’t feel I would have as much to lose, and actually 1.2N is a really good match for my skin tone, I’m Mac NC15 if that helps.

The consistency of the serum foundation is really watery so I expected it to blend into nothing, but actually, this provides a decent coverage, I’d say it’s medium coverage overall. It blends really easily and seamlessly into the skin, not clinging to any dry patches or sitting on oily skin, it just feels very comfortable. In fact, it’s one of the foundations that sits so comfortably on the skin, it barely feels like you’re wearing foundation, yet you still get that medium coverage. The finish is very natural, more on the dewy side than matte but it doesn’t look shiny at all on my oily t-zone.

My favourite thing about this foundation is just how long lasting it is. Lightweight foundations like this often disappear after a few hours on my skin, but this basically doesn’t budge all day. It doesn’t go patchy, it doesn’t oxidise, it pretty much just stays as is until I remove it at night time. Honestly, I’m so impressed with this foundation, I’ve barely reached for anything else (bar the Coverage one) since I’ve had it as it’s just so quickly and easy to apply, yet stays on all day. An absolute dream.

The Coverage Foundation
I’m afraid to say that my review of the Coverage foundation isn’t going to be so peachy. This was the foundation I was so excited about, for some reason I had it in my head that it was going to be a great dupe for NARS Sheer Glow, but for me it has just been a disappointment. Firstly, the shade is a touch too light for my skin, which I can’t complain at as The Ordinary have a great shade range, but maybe my advice would be to go a shade darker than you’d think as I really thought 1.1N would be my shade. It’s okay and I can bronze things up but it does make me look a bit pasty!

I have two main problems with this foundation, first is application and second is longevity. The consistency of the foundation is quite thick, as you’d expect from a full coverage foundation, but I’ve found it really hard to blend. It seems to set on the skin very quickly so you have no room for mistakes and need to get blending quickly. It just feels really chalky on the skin and it takes me ages to blend it all in. Once it has blended it’s a fairly good foundation, still looks a bit chalky for my liking but definitely delivers on the full coverage promises. As you can see it covers my dark under eye circles pretty well even before concealer.

My second issue is the longevity, and this is my main issue. Whereas the Serum foundation is really long lasting, this one seems to go patchy really quickly on my skin. At first I thought it was the hot weather we were having, but even on cooler days it’s just been separating and clingy really badly to any dry patches. I had a blemish last week and whilst initially, it had covered it so well, after a few hours all the product had just clumped around it drawing more attention to it.

The Verdict
I’m sure by now you can see my favourite, there is a definite clear winner for me. The Serum foundation is just such a great little gem, it provides decent coverage whilst leaving your skin still looking like skin and it really lasts all day. The Coverage foundation is not a terrible foundation at all, but it’s not worth the hype I had built up around it in my head. To be honest since testing the Coverage one, I’ve barely used it, whereas the Serum foundation has become my everyday choice. So if you do get a chance to buy these coveted foundations I would definitely say invest in the Serum one!

Have you tried either of these foundations and if so, what are your thoughts on them?