I’ve always been so fussy about mascara due to my ultra-straight lashes, but since having an LVL lash lift I’ve found I can be way less fussy. It didn’t take me long to start rummaging through my collection as I have a ton of unopened mascaras – whoops. I decided to try out the Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara as I liked the sound of it being enriched with argan oil after all the chemicals that have been on my lashes. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now so I thought I’d report back.

The name ‘Wonder’full’ suggests a lot of volume to me, and it does claim to be a ‘clump-free volume and definition mascara’. I would say it’s great at the clump-free, and even better at the definition, but volume? Not so much. If you’re after a mascara that’s going to give you the serious wow factor then you’re going to hate this, but if you already have good lashes or just want something a little more subtle then you may well just love it.

Now that I have LVL lashes, I’m in the latter camp. I bloody love it. My LVL is actually on its last legs now but for the first six weeks my lashes were already curled and tinted, and they have decent length, so this mascara just added back in some definition and subtle volume for the perfect everyday look. Lots of the mascaras I used to love were suddenly feeling too thick and heavy, whereas this one kept things clump-free and didn’t weigh them down. It felt so smooth and gentle on the lashes, and because it isn’t waterproof, removing it in the evening was ridiculously easy.

I’m also¬†terrible at not getting product on my lashes when I’m doing my eyeshadow and concealer, so this mascara is perfect for reintroducing the black pigment and making them jet black again. The brush is really flexible too, but without losing control, so you can coat every lash, and even though it’s quite a big brush I can even do my lower lashes with it due to the long bristles.

This has become my go-to mascara and I’ll definitely be repurchasing it when it’s used up. It’s hard to tell whether the argan oil is really nourishing my lashes, but it definitely doesn’t feel as damaging as other mascaras especially due to the easy removal. So if you’re after a new everyday mascara I’d definitely through this one into the mix.

Have you tried the Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara?