On Monday, I started my summer makeup picks with The Summer Lipstick Collection and today I’m back but this time I’m talking blush. I used to be an absolute blush fanatic, it was definitely my favourite makeup product. I still wear it every day but I don’t hoard them quite like I used to, however, I still have a large collection which has some really obvious seasonal picks. So, let’s not ramble too much, let’s talk summer blush.

Sleek Pumpkin Blush Palette (Review)
Blush was definitely the makeup I became most confident with first. I wasn’t that into bold lipsticks or heavy contour, but blush I would always gravitate towards the brights. This palette is the brightest of the brights. I like all three shades, but my favourite is by far that matte orange one. I never thought orange blush would be my thing but I just love it and this is one of my favourites. Unsurprisingly from Sleek, all the blushers are heavily pigmented so you do need a light hand but with a bit of practice it’s a gorgeous summer palette.

NARS Orgasm Blush
I love NARS blushes with a passion, they’ll always have a special place in my heart! Orgasm is definitely the most iconic, and not just for its name, but for me, it was always the weakest in my collection. I just didn’t think it was that special and unique compared to Sin, Luster and Exhibit A etc, I guess because it has been so heavily duped. But this year I’ve developed a new appreciation for it and I love the warm-toned golden iridescent running throughout it. It’s a bit of a summer classic and I’m finally falling for it.

Bobbi Brown Apricot
In summer I find myself reaching for a pink lip a lot, and you can’t have a pink lip without a pink blush to match right!? Apricot isn’t half as daunting as it looks in the pan, sure it’s a bright blush but actually, the formula isn’t too pigmented meaning you can leave it sheer or build it up to full-on clown. I absolutely love pairing Apricot with Bobbi Brown Rosy, they just make the perfect combination. It also goes nicely with some other brights such as NARS Yu, you can see this on my not-too-recent Valentine’s Look.

Nude by Nature Cashmere Blush in Soft Coral (Review)
I know I don’t talk about Nude by Nature as much as I used to, but they’re still one of my favourite blogging discoveries, and their products are just made for the summer. I guess that’s what happens when you’re based in Australia! I have three of the Cashmere blushers and they’re all insanely pigmented and really warm-toned, one even looks more like bronzer on my skin. Soft Coral is my favourite though and it’s perfect for when I have a tan. I’d avoid these if you’re really pale, but they look fab on darker skin.

Too Faced Blush in Sparkling Bellini (Review)
After a quiet autumn and winter in hibernation, you’ve probably noticed my Too Faced blush appearing more and more and that momentum isn’t going to stop anytime soon. I’m all about the shimmer when it comes to summer blushers as I just love it hitting all that sunshine we get in the UK (ha!) and Sparkling Bellini does just what it says, it seriously sparkles. I tend to just swish my brush amongst all three segments for a pretty pink coral shade, but sometimes when I’m feeling particular I’ll pick out shades – all three of which are perfect for summer.

What are your favourite summer blushers?