Clarins is probably my favourite brand for seasonal collections, their autumn and spring ranges are always so on point and really make me feel ready for the season ahead. Last year I reviewed their Autumn 2016 collection (which featured my favourite mascara of all time) and now I’m back with a look at this year’s offerings. Part of the reason I love Clarins’ seasonal releases is because they never just adhere to the trends, they’re not a trend-led brand like the Urban Decay’s and Benefit’s of the world, they do their own thing, and I always love that. This collection definitely reflects that! Let’s take a closer look.

4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Forest
As you all know I’m a big fan of eyeshadow quads, and the Clarins ones are always beautiful. Their ‘Nude’ shade from last year’s collection gets a lot of love from me. Now I really, really wanted to like Forest but I sadly just can’t get the shades to work for me. Maybe it’s because I’ve got so used to wearing the very popular warm-toned shades but these very cool toned shades just wash me out. The green tones also do no favours for my already green eyes as they do the opposite to making my eyes ‘pop’ and I find the darker shades also make my under eye circles appear worse. Now the formulas are great, they’re very pigmented and easy to blend but for me the colours are just off. However, I really respect Clarins for not just bringing out a typical autumn warm-toned palette and if you do love cool toned shades you may just love this. But for my complexion and eye colour it’s just not the one.

Graphik Ink Liner
Now this, on the other hand, is a little bit of a winner! I’m very very fussy with ink liners, the only ones I rate are Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and Stila All Day Liner, every other one I tried has transferred in hours due to my oily lids, so I didn’t really expect much. Now, this Graphik Liner has a much thicker nib than the other two which took some getting used to, but my gosh it just does not budge. I even cried (had a bad day) and it was still there after the tears had run dry. I’m so impressed with the formula of this. I do kind of wish it had a smaller nib as I’m not sure why I’d pick this over the Kat Von D, but it’s still a gem.

Ombre Matte in Midnight Blue
Clarins always have some seriously innovative formulations and this is definitely one, a cream to powder eyeshadow. Well, first up I was kind of like what’s the point but on application I totally get it. It just feels so silky on the lids and although it’s not the easiest to blend, I love the way you can apply this sheer and build it up to have some major pigmentation, and I’m talking wow pigmentation. I particularly like patting this on with my finger and blending it out with a brush. Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the shade – when do I ever wear blue eyeshadow? But actually this ‘midnight’ blue is just gorgeous and although I wouldn’t wear this all over the lid, I can definitely see myself patting some into a brown or black smokey eye at a Christmas party as it definitely has that party feel. I 100% want other shades in this now though, love it.

Joli Rouge in Deep Red & Guava
I’ve never tried this formula from Clarins before but I’ve heard a few people say it’s a good’un. If you’re after nourishing lipsticks then look no further, these are super creamy and moisturising and are so gentle on the lips. They don’t last all that long which isn’t really surprising for such a creamy formula, but the colours fade evenly so it’s not too much of a problem. I do find they can feel quite heavy on the lips which is a downside to a majorly creamy lip formula but it’s not uncomfortable. Guava and Deep Red are both gorgeous autumnal shades, perfect choices.

Lipliner Pencil in 06 Red
I’m so bad with lip liners, like, so bad, but I can get behind wearing a lip liner for a red and rarely reach for a red without having a lip liner to match. This offering from Clarins is a classic red which will suit so many lipstick shades. It’s really creamy and highly pigmentated and just downright easy to use. Not a bad word to say about this one.

Will you be trying any of the new Clarins Autumn collection?