When I ordered my last Colourpop Haul it took me bloody ages to decide what to actually put in my basket, I’m sure there were hundreds of iterations by the end. I couldn’t decide whether to buy “Colourpop cult classics” or just see what took my fancy, in the end, I decided to do a bit of both. Saddle Up was one of my risks. A bright orange lip gloss is not typically what I’d pick up, but the one-line description mentioned how it’s a sheer shade, which I knew I’d love. Due to the lack of photos of the shade, I really didn’t know what I was letting myself in for, so as soon as I got it I knew it had to be a product I’d review, so hopefully, future Colourpop shoppers could get the full idea before they bought.

I know a lot of people wouldn’t even bother clicking on Saddle Up because on the website it looks so insanely bright, but as soon as you click on it’s described as a ‘sheer bright coral’ with a ‘hint of colour’. The reviews on the Colourpop website are pretty mixed, a combination of ‘it doesn’t show up’ to ‘ a perfect subtle lip gloss’. The overall theme here is that it’s subtle, and I definitely agree. I wasn’t expecting a bright orange and that’s not what it is at all.

When I swatch Saddle Up and even when I first apply it to my lips, it does look quite orange. It does that dreaded lip liner thing on my lips at first where all the pigmentation goes to the outer corners, but with a simple pucker of the lips it blends into a gorgeous coral tint. The formula is really light on the lips, definitely one of the least gloopy and sticky lip glosses I’ve tried. I don’t mind a sticky lip gloss but if you’re after a more moisturising formula this could be the one for you.

Like any lipgloss, the longevity isn’t great, but because it’s sheer it’s so easy to reapply so I don’t really mind at all. Despite the fact that my haul was full of gorgeous bold lipsticks which really have that wow factor, Saddle Up is actually the one I’ve reached for the most. I’m loving a warm-toned terracotta eye look at the moment (who isn’t?) and this gloss compliments that so much better than all my other lip glosses, which are mainly pink.

Saddle Up has become a staple in my handbag as it’s perfect for those days where I just want a little something on my lips without going too bright. I know a lot of people don’t like lipgloss, and if that’s you, this might just change your mind.

Have you tried Saddle Up by Colourpop?