Fairly recently, in my mission to show you my entire makeup collection, I delved into my blush drawer to show you the peachy pink shades. Today I’m back and this time I’m chatting more neutral blushers. I used to be a huge fan of the bright blush, the brighter the better. I was so just drawn to those bright reds, bright pinks and bright purples, which you’ll see when I show you that part of my collection. Nowadays, I have much more of an appreciation for nude blushes which maybe aren’t quite so in your face but gently warm up and even contour my complexion. I can see this collection growing more over the years as I now reach for these all the time.

Nude by Nature Cashmere Blush in Soft Coral
The Nude by Nature blushers are a bit hit and miss for me. I love their products because of how subtle they are, and that embrace your natural beauty ethos that the whole brand follows. But these completely contradict that. It may just be because I’m pale compared to their typical tanned Australian audience, but these blushes are so pigmented that they’re hard to work with. Soft Coral is the only shade I can really get away with using, and actually on the cheeks with a light hand it does look really really nice and gives a gorgeous flush to the skin.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed
So this is the newest blush in my collection and I’m instantly in love. I knew I would be. This has got to be one of the most raved about blushers ever so I kind of knew what to expect with this one. Exposed is such an unusual shade as it isn’t brown, isn’t pink, isn’t peach but yet it isn’t bronzed it is just natural nude blush. The main thing I’ve noticed about this blush is how long it lasts on my skin, blush tends to fade quite quickly on me but this really hangs around all day.

Maxfactor Creme Puff Blush in Nude Mauve
Another long term favourite has been this Creme Puff Blush in Nude Mauve. The formula of these are a total dupe for the Hourglass blushers, they have a completely different shade range but in terms of formula, they’re so incredibly similar. They’re baked in with a subtle highlight so the blushers have a slight shimmer which really lifts the skin. The shade itself is a cool toned nude with hints of purple, really pretty and really flattering.

Sleek Suede
Suede is probably the best thing I received during my subscription with Glossybox, simply because it’s a shade I would never have picked myself back in 2014. That’s definitely the best thing about beauty subscription boxes. Sleek Suede is probably the shade that really opened my eyes to blushers that weren’t pink or red and kickstarted my love for orange-toned and neutral blushers. Like all Sleek powder products, it’s incredibly pigmented, so you only need a light hand but it does mean after years of owning it I’ve still barely made a dent!

Clarins Golden Havana
When I first tried these blushers from Clarins I was really excited, I just loved the idea. Basically, the idea is that you stamp them onto your cheeks and blend them out for quick and easy application, well in practice it isn’t quite what it seems. I found that once applying the colour you actually have to do a lot of blending to get rid of those dreaded stamp lines, so it’s not really better for travel afterwards. However, I do really like the shades in the range and Golden Havana is a gorgeous brown blush – a shade I didn’t have in my collection before. It’s not as dark as it looks and can be blended nicely onto pale skin, and it has a slight gold shimmer through it which is perfect for summer.

Colourpop Between The Sheets
I bought Between The Sheets a couple of months ago and when it arrived I was a little disappointed. I wanted it to be neutral but in the pan, it looked like a dark red, so not exactly what I had expected. But actually, it’s a sheer blush so applies much lighter and much more neutral than it initially looks. I really love the Super Shock formula for eyeshadow and whilst I like it for blush, I don’t find it quite as impressive. It’s still a lovely shade though.

What are your favourite neutral blushers?