I’ve said time and time again that one of my favourite things about blogging is discovering new brands, and very occasionally a brand will come along which really catches my eye. This time round it’s the brand B. Cosmetics, sold in Superdrug and known for being both cruelty-free and vegan. I was lucky enough to try a fair few pieces from their normal range but the main event was the Cassie Lomas collection, created alongside the celebrity makeup artist herself. I wasn’t planning on doing a full review of the collection but I loved it all so much that I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve created a look with the range at the end which shows everything in action.

Sheer Liquid Illuminator
This was the first thing I tried and I was planning on doing a product review of just this initially because I instantly loved it. It’s featured quite a lot in other posts already so I won’t go on too much, but basically, this is now one of my favourite illuminators. I’m a big fan of illuminators anyway, I love how versatile they are as you can wear them on their own, under foundation, mixed into foundation or even on top, and this pink-toned one has such a gorgeous texture which offers the perfect sheen without too much shimmer. I’ve tried a few illuminators which are packed with shimmer making them hard to wear as anything other than a highlighter, but this one just has a slight sheen which really brightens my skin. I’ve been wearing this lots on its own on no makeup days to just uplift my whole look.

Matte Liquid Lipstick in All About Me
This is probably the least favourite thing in the collection, but that’s not surprising as I’m not a huge liquid lipstick wearer. The formula has quite a thin consistency which means its sits more comfortably on the lips than other liquid lipstick but maybe isn’t quite as opaque even with a few coats. It also doesn’t dry down completely matte, which again doesn’t bother me but if you’re after a pure matte it might not be for you. My main problem with this lipstick is the shade, warmed toned brown lipsticks never look great on me so I normally avoid them.. I don’t hate this but I can’t see myself using it much.

Whipped Bronzer
I’ve heard a few people say this is a good dupe for the Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzer and although I haven’t tried the original, from what I’ve read it definitely sounds similar. Now, just going to be put this out there, I love this! I’m a huge fan of cream bronzer anyway but find most of them dissipate into nothing, well you definitely can’t say that with this one, this is incredibly pigmented. I honestly only have to use the tiniest amount to bronze up my whole face so it requires a very, very light hand. I apply it with a stippling brush and with a bit of blending it warms up my entire complexion instantly. The shade is very much on the orange side of things so if you’re paler than me I don’t think it would be a great option, but I am pretty pale so don’t be put off completely!

Glitter Pigment in #ItsThem
Last but not least are the two glitter pigments. Normally, I avoid loose eye pigments like the plague as they just stress me out – I’ve had too many spillages in the past clearly! But actually, these ones are quite good as they have a mesh over the top so it filters how much you can let out. I’ve found the best way to use them is to pour a small amount into the lid and use a flat brush to apply them. I’ve been using #ItsThem as eyeshadow and I must say the results are gorgeous. It’s a light champagne bronze which flatters so many different eye looks. My only gripe is that I can’t really see when I’d reach for this over a normal eyeshadow as it has around the same amount of pigmentation and longevity, yes is more of faf. I do like it though.

Glitter Pigment in Shine On
The second glitter pigment is Shine On which is a frosty white shimmer shade. I’ve actually been using this as more of a highlighter than an eyeshadow as it’s a little too light for most my eye looks. It works perfectly on the inner corners and below the brow bone as it has nice pigmentation without being too dramatic. I have also tried using this on my cupid’s bow, down the centre of my nose and on my cheekbones and again it works well, so I definitely don’t just see this as an eyeshadow!

For the look above, I used the illuminator underneath my foundation, the bronzer (and that’s using a light hand!), the glitter pigment in #ItsThem on the centre of my lids along with some other shadows from the Naked 2 palette,  Shine On on the inner corners, down the centre of my nose and on my cheekbones.  I finished the look off with the liquid lipstick.

Overall, I’m so impressed with the range, in fact, I think the fact that I’ve dedicated a whole blog post to it shows how much I love the products. My favourites are definitely the illuminator and bronzer, both of them are gorgeous products which are perfect for summer. The glitter pigments are nice to have but I’d probably pass on the lipstick.

Which of these products would you like to try the most?