The last life update was back in May and it was a bit of a miserable one, and last month I decided to skip it out altogether because I still wasn’t feeling quite myself. I would say I’m almost back to my normal chirpy self now, although July has been one of the weirdest and least structured months ever, I’ll come onto that. August is a really busy one which I can’t wait for and I plan on completing lots of summer goals!

Being alone in the house
So at the latter end of June and for ten days again this month, Harry was away on a work trip and then on a family holiday, which meant 20 out of 30 days apart! It was a really strange experience as not only did we not see each other and had to battle time zones but it was also the first time I’d looked after Elsie alone. I was really nervous but luckily she was a good puppy for me and now I feel more confidence than ever as a dog owner so I’m glad I did it. I did get very lonely at home though, especially in the second stint so I went back to my mums for most of it which was lovely, but it’s always a weird one living out of a bag!

Took some time off work
I absolutely love being self-employed and freelancing, but it’s incredibly hard to take days off, in fact since I’ve been doing it I’ve only taken Christmas and a couple days over my birthday off. Sure I take afternoons off all the time but I never fully switch off. Well whilst Harry was on his family holiday and I was back at my mums I decided to have a holiday too. It meant I didn’t earn for over a week, but I’m glad I did it as I was so nice to just relax and not think about work or blogging.

Losing all my important possessions
I went on a night out with my uni friends which was hilariously good as always, but my night was tainted as I lost my handbag in an Uber which had my keys, passport, purse and new Bite Beauty lipstick in (the thing I’m clearly most upset about). I had to call out a 4am locksmith as Harry was away and yeah it was all just a bit of a disaster. I was really upset about it at the time because there’s something so tragic about losing basically your entire identity but now I realise it’s just things that can be replaced and it’ll teach me a lesson to be more careful in the future!

Going down to 3 blog posts a week
For ages I’ve posted 4 times a week, and whilst I don’t struggle with creating the content, I always seem to fall massively behind when it comes to promoting said content. And when I fall behind I get even more demotivated and promote it even less – it’s a vicious cycle. I’ve decided to cut back down to 3 times a week to try make the most out of my content more. I’ll keep you updated with how that goes.

August Goals

  • Book something in for every weekend
    Unlike most bloggers seem to be, I’m probably the least proactive person ever. I’m often quite happy just staying in with a boxset. But recently, I’ve been feeling that I need to try a little harder to fill up my diary, especially on the weekends. My August is looking pretty full already but I’ve got one weekend which has drawn a few blanks so I want to fill it asap, plus get some more evening things pencilled in.
  • Make a YouTube video
    Ok so I’ve been saying this for a while but I finally want to make a start. I absolutely love filmmaking, it’s what my degree was in afterall, and it’s something in my life that I really miss, especially video editing. I don’t want to particularly make sit-down videos, but I want to experiment with lookbooks, travel diaries and maybe vlogs. I need to invest in a few equipment bits but I’m determined to make a start this month.
  • Eat clean
    I’m generally really good at clean eating, I actually prefer the taste of healthier foods (minus pizza) but because July was so up and down in terms of my whereabouts I feel like I didn’t eat very well. I’ve made a good start this week and I want to get back on clean eating in August.

How was your July and what are your goals for August?