This post has been sponsored by iHerb, however, the opinions are all of my own.

Over here in the UK, Neutrogena is a popular skincare brand – I’m pretty sure we’ve all tried something from them, pink grapefruit face wash anyone? But their makeup is much more of an enigma and hard to come by. Well, recently I teamed up with iHerb, who ship to the UK, to try out some of their makeup and let you know the ‘must-haves’ from the range. The whole iHerb process was really easy (and cheap) so I’ll talk about that in a bit, but for now, let’s talk makeup.

Neutrogena Shine Control Primer
When we think of shine control primers we normally instantly think of silicones, which are notorious for clogging skin, so instead Neutrogena have formulated their primer with rice protein. This feels very different from your average mattifying primer as instead of that clear silicone texture, it’s a white lightweight cream. It doesn’t minimise or fill in pores like most mattifying primers do, but I guess it doesn’t claim to, but it definitely does keep shine at bay. My main gripe is that it has a slightly grainy texture and is awful on dry patches. So this primer is perfect if your skin is oily through and through but maybe not for combination skin like mine.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup
This foundation is all about being kind to the skin, it’s full of antioxidants and has SPF20, and the coverage still leaves your skin looking like skin. I’d say it’s light to medium coverage, so my imperfections are covered but my freckles are still on show. It has a really nice natural, slightly dewy finish and has pretty decent lasting power. If you’ve got dry skin, I’d avoid it, as again it does tend to cling to dry patches, but it’s a perfect foundation for combination, normal and oily complexions. The only thing I hate about this foundation is the packaging. There’s no pump and because it has such a watery consistency, the product comes out so quick and I always end up wasting loads. I do like the product though and if you’re after a natural-looking foundation I’d really recommend it.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Smoothing Stick
Normally, concealer sticks are pretty full coverage and have thick, dry formulas which work best on blemishes. This isn’t that. This has such a hydrating and smoothing (as by the name) texture to it and actually, I’ve found it works best under the eyes. It’s lovely and brightening and just blends beautifully. It isn’t the most long-lasting concealer and isn’t going to cover up dark circles alone, but it’s a nice to have product.

Neutrogena Translucent Oil-Control Powder
So far, everything in this post has been ‘nice to have’, there’s been nothing outstanding. But that’s about to change! This translucent powder doesn’t look particularly fancy but it really, really works for my skin. It’s not the best product I’ve ever tried at keeping my face shine-free so if you have a really oily complexion maybe you won’t love it as much, but it just looks so natural on the skin and seems to blur my foundation underneath for an airbrushed look. It really just brings everything together and mattifies my skin in all the right places. Definitely a winner.

Neutrogena Blush in Bronzed
This is the second product I really love, so I’m guessing that Neutrogena have just aced their powder products. I’m really into bronzing at the moment but it’s always hard to get that balance if you have a fair complexion. This makes things so much easier. It has decent pigmentation but yet blends into the skin so seamlessly that I never feel like I can go overboard. Whilst I normally favour a shimmery bronzer, this is matte but without looking flat on the skin, my skin still looks radiant even with this on top. It’s such a little gem and has been my go-to since I’ve had it – even replacing my beloved Rimmel Shimmer Brick!

Neutrogena Color Stick in Soft Raspberry
Last but not least, I’m finishing the look off with a tinted lip balm, a staple in my makeup bag. This one is ultra-moisturizing and creamy on the lips which is always what I expected from this kind of products.. I have the shade Soft Raspberry which is a pink-berry toned shimmer shade which looks nice on the lips. It’s nothing really to write home about, it’s a nice lip product but didn’t particularly wow me.

Ordering Through iHerb
So there are a few products here I really love, the face powder and bronzer definitely coming top, shortly followed by the concealer then the foundation. If you fancy getting your hands on some I’d definitely turn to iHerb as a great way to try Neutrogena makeup. The whole process was really easy as I ordered the products first-hand through the website itself. It’s all UK-friendly as the prices were in pounds, and if you’re anywhere else in the world you can simply set the currency as they ship to over 160 countries, and they also provide support in 10 different languages if you get really stuck. iHerb is also a Google Trusted Store so a reputable place to buy from rather than looking to eBay stockists.

The shipping was really cheap, just a couple extra pounds and the products came just two days later through DHL. I also didn’t get charged import tax so really it made things no different from ordering from any UK sites. iHerb have over 35,000 products and sell other hard-to-find brands like Physician’s Formula, Pixi and ELF so I’d definitely make more orders with them in the future.

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