As soon as it hits September, the evenings start getting darker, the temperatures drop and all those berry lipsticks come out of the woodwork, so August really is the last month to make the most of summer makeup. I’ve worn my fair share of brights already this year but really want to amp it up throughout the next month. As well as a few summer brights, I’ve also got some constant favourites in my makeup bag this month – I’m not constantly changing things up after all. I hope you enjoy having a rummage through!

YSL Couture Brow Palette
I’ve used all sorts to fill in my brows over the years, pomades, gels, pencils you name it, but the one thing I was never keen on was powder. Well, that has all changed since I’ve had this YSL Brow Palette. Not only is this the most beautiful brow product ever, but it works like an actual dream. I often struggle with brow products as they’re too warm toned for my ashy brows but the three shades on this are just perfect from sculpting everything from the arches to the tails. The powders blend beautifully without going murky and they last all day too. I can’t see this one escaping my makeup bag in August.

Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II
I got this all the way back at Christmas time and if I’m honest it has had really little love and deserves so much more. I’m so into these warm terra cotta shades at the moment and I’m determined to make this a regular in my makeup bag as it’s one of the best liquid lipstick formulas I’ve tried.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation
I’ve played around with a lot of different foundations recently but the one I’ve been reaching for more and more is L’Oreal True Match, which is funny because I hated it at first. I’ve discovered the key to this foundation is to work in really light layers, as if you apply too much it ends up going streaky and is difficult to blend. But with a small amount it provides a gorgeous natural coverage, concealing any discoloration but without masking the skin. Perfect for summer time.

Sleek Pumpkin Palette
I used to be so much more playful with blushers whereas in the last six month I’ve been reaching for the same old shades which kind of go with everything. Well, Sleek definitely hones back to those playful days as have you ever seen a palette so bright? The orange shade is one of my favourite shades of all time but I only feel you can really get away with it in summer so I’m determined to make the most of that in August.

Bellápierre Banana Setting Powder
Banana powder was all the rage last year and I never really gave it a second glance. Well this powder turned up in a recent Glossybox and it would be rude not to try it right? I think I’m going to like banana powder, I have quite yellow toned skin anyway so I think it’ll flatter me. But I’m not actually sure how best to use it. All over? Just under the eyes? Do let me know you banana powder experts!

Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter in Lunch Money
I liked everything I picked up in my Colourpop Haul a while back but I must admit I was slightly disappointed by this highlighter. It’s one of Colourpop’s most talked about products but just had nothing in comparison to some other highlighters I own in terms of pigmentation. Well I was told on Twitter that Lunch Money comes to life when applied with a damp beauty sponge, so I’m going to try that one out this month and hope that I love it more.

What will be in your makeup bag throughout August?