For years my main passion in life was filmmaking. I started off specialising in video art at school, then turned to film production at university. I absolutely loved my degree and definitely improved my skills but I decided the film and TV industry just wasn’t for me and put a pause on the whole filmmaking aspect of my life. Since I’ve graduated I’ve turned a bit more to photography with my blog but honestly, photography just isn’t something I’m half as passionate about. I enjoy it and obviously I love my blog but I just don’t feel like it pushes me creatively as much as it used to. So I’ve decided to give filmmaking a second chance.

I’ve been teetering with the idea of YouTube for literally years but the idea of talking about my monthly favourites, sharing my Boots hauls etc just seemed a bit pointless when I have my blog to share all that on. I didn’t just want a YouTube channel for the sake of it. Vlogging has always been where I feel there is more creativity, and like I said, I have been really feeling the urge to be more creative recently so a weekend away camping just felt like the right time to start filmmaking again.

I honestly had so much fun making this vlog, not just for the actual filmmaking but getting to enjoy my main passion in life again and that’s editing. I bloody love film editing! I really hope you enjoy it and I would LOVE your feedback, and hey if you like it be sure to subscribe as I’m sure there will be more to come.