All the way back in March, I introduced a new blog post format in the shape of ‘Makeup In Testing For The Day‘. I said that if you liked it, I’d do a part two, and reading through the comments it seemed to go down well so I’m well overdue for following up on the series. Basically, I’ve picked out five products to test throughout the day to really get a grips on their longevity – longevity is a big thing for me when it comes to makeup, and I’ll be reporting on application in the morning, a midday catch up and then one more update in the evening before I remove it all. So let’s get going.


First up is the IT Cosmetics CC Cream which is fairly new in my collection and I’ve been using it lots recently, and whenever I do I always get so many compliments and questions as to what foundation I’m using. It applies really easily and is nice to blend with a light to medium coverage. I know some people say this is full coverage but I just can’t get it any fuller than medium, as you can see, you can slightly see my nose freckles still with this one which I like but again, isn’t full coverage. I set this foundation with a light translucent powder today but didn’t use concealer on anywhere except for under my eyes for a true test.

On my brows I’m testing my YSL Couture Brow Palette which has been my go-to brow product for a while now. I actually really liked how this looked today in person but looking at the photos it looks quite patchy. It definitely does look better in person but I do find powders don’t give that slick finish that pomades do, but I generally prefer a more natural brow so I’m ok with that. I’m also testing the Rimmel Radiance Brick which you guys know I love but I haven’t paid much attention to the longevity before. The application is effortless with this and I’ve just swept it across my temples and on my cheeks for a bronzed glow.

On my eyes I did a light eyeshadow look with my Naked Basics palette, but the product I’m really testing is the DHC Liquid Eyeliner. I just used it to lightly define my eyes today as opposed to a full winged liner look, but this is so easy to achieve with this pen as it just glides onto the lids. Easy application as always with this one. Last but not least on my lips is Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park which is a gorgeous nude shade with a satin finish. I really like the wands on the Colourpop lip products as it’s so easy to get a precise line, and Echo Park dries down really quickly too so it’s just as quick and easy as using a traditional lipstick.


I’ve definitely given my makeup a hard time today as I went into town and then carried very heavy food shopping home on the most humid day ever. I’ve come back, had an early lunch and now I’m here to report back on the makeup. The IT Cosmetics CC Cream is doing ok, but not amazingly. It’s ok on most of my face but it’s struggling a fair amount on my t-zone especially my nose. You can really see those freckles coming through and slight redness too. I think I can get away with it though as it looks dewy as opposed to greasy and there hasn’t been any oxidation which is always good.

My brows with the YSL Couture Brow Palette are looking fairly similar to application time. I normally set my brows with an additional brow gel and I’m surprised there hasn’t been much change even without that today so a thumbs up from me so far. Now, powder products like bronzer, highlighter and blush are normally the quickest to fade on me so I’m quite pleased to see that the Rimmel Radiance Brick has mostly stuck around. I did apply a light blusher this morning and that’s completely gone whereas I can still see bronzer so that’s saving me from looking like a total ghost.

There’s also absolutely no change with the DHC Liquid Eyeliner, not even any discoloration which I’m so impressed with on a muggy day like today, and last but not least my Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park is still there despite me devouring a big bowl of pasta about ten minutes ago. It has blended more into my lip colour so isn’t quite as prominent this morning but normally you get that dreaded liner look with liquid lipsticks fading so I’m amazed that this has lasted so well.

So wow, I’m really impressed! Everything has done pretty well despite the weather. I’ll report back after dinner.

So everything pretty much went south in the last few hours as I worked, did a huge amount of hoovering and had dinner. This is going to be my last check-in as a few people mentioned in the last post that they didn’t really need a much later one, plus I don’t think my camera settings will deal with much darker lighting than this!

I’m a little disappointed with the IT Cosmetics CC Cream if I’m honest. I guess this was always bound to happen with something so hyped up, and whilst I like the finish it just doesn’t ~wow~ me. I think you can probably tell that the longevity isn’t great, I know it’s been a hot day but I have been testing this a lot recently and it has never had good longevity even on less muggy days. I think other bases I own would last much longer than this.

On the other hand, testing the longevity of the YSL Couture Brow Palette has just confirmed how much I like it. Even without brow gel, my brows are still looking pretty good at the end of the day as does my DHC Liquid Eyeliner which honestly has not budged. I’m so impressed with both of these and how they’ve lasted in this weather.

There are definitely still hints of a bronze from the Rimmel Radiance Brick, especially towards the outer sides of my cheeks. Anything closer to my t-zone has dissipated but not bad for a bronzer. Last but not least is the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park which is now nowhere to be seen. I’m not surprised really though as I’ve been eating and drinking all day and I never suffered with dreaded lip liner lips so its a nice one for subtle fading. I could have easily got away with just reapplying this once today at around 2pm and that would be sorted for the day. So a thumbs up from me!

Have you tried any of these products and if so, which are your favourites?