September is always one of my favourite months. I guess I still have some of that motivated ‘back to school’ mentality in me as even as a 24-year-old I kind of associate September with new starts and being productive. In typical blogger style, I also love the changing seasons as I’ve always been much more of an autumn/winter person than a summer person – although summer has grown on me – I really do love the cosier weather, the layered fashions and darker evenings. This has definitely been one of my favourite months of 2017 and I’ve got some great goals ahead of October to work towards too.

Started a YouTube vlogging channel
This is by far my biggest highlight of September, I’ve finally got back into filmmaking. YouTube is something I’ve thought about for so long (how many goals posts has it been in?!) and I’m so pleased I’ve just bitten the bullet and done it. I’ve really missed filmmaking since my degree, especially editing, so it’s really nice to be embracing a favourite hobby of mine again. I’ve filmed a couple of vlogs so far (new one live on Sunday!) but I’m still thinking ‘GRWM’ and lookbooks for the future, my ideas are literally endless with YouTube. If you fancy giving them a watch I’d love if you subscribed to my channel and gave any feedback as I’d love your thoughts on my vlogs so far!

Day trips & weekends away
One of the best things about owning a dog – other than having a ball of fluff to constantly cuddle – is how much they get you out and about. All year I’ve been visiting new places but throughout this month we’ve made more of an effort than ever before to get away from the house on the weekends. We started the month going to Brecon Beacons with a few friends for a long weekend, then we went camping (vlog!) and throughout the month we’ve had day trips to Canterbury, Greenwich and up into London. I think when you work from home it’s particularly important to differentiate your days off from your work days and I’ve loved exploring the country a little bit more.

Major spending ban
Whilst this month has been a good one in most ways, there has been one thing that has been majorly stressing me out and that’s money and the lack of it. Work has really slowed this month and I’m chasing payments from a fair few different clients so money has been tight, and money issues are definitely one of the most stressful issues you can have. Not only have I had to put myself on a serious spending ban throughout one of my favourite seasons (I want all of you autumn clothes) but I’ve started looking for alternative work too so I don’t get into this financial pickle again. Hopefully, next month will pick up.

October Goals
I did really well with my last set of goals, I started YouTube, I had ridiculously busy weekends all throughout September and I did pretty well with eating clean. It feels so nice to be saying that as normally I fail at my goals but I’m determined to make October another successful one with these goals:

  • Continue with YouTube
    Honestly, I can’t tell you how much joy YouTube is bringing to my life, I still love blogging but I haven’t felt so ‘pushed’ creatively and motivated in a long, long time. I really want to try put out a few more videos throughout October and start getting to know the YouTube community a little more.
  • Strong by Zumba
    At the end of this month, I went to my first ever exercise class. If you know me, you’ll know I hate all sports and exercise and as a result, I’m ridiculously unfit, but actually, I’m so proud of myself for first up, attending and secondly, not dying. I’m going to try to go once a week and hopefully, it’ll become part of my routine.
  • Attending blogging events
    I used to go to so many blogging events, a fair few every month and this year I’ve just become really lazy with them and have either declined or cancelled. I have a few coming up in October and I’m determined to make appearances as I love going to the events, it’s one of my favourite things about blogging so it seems silly to miss out for no reason!

How has your September been and what are your goals for October?