A week or so ago on Instagram Stories I decided it was finally time to sort out my lipstick/gloss/balm collection. It was a task I had put off for months because it had just got into such a state, and I find that when my lipsticks aren’t stored neatly I’ll just reach for the same ones every day. So with half an hour to spare, I finally sorted it all out and I can report that it’s still in good nick. Part of my lipstick sorting involves deciding what lipsticks should go out on display, as I have a display unit and then some boxes in my makeup drawers. The ones on display are my high end lipsticks which you can read here, and then around five or six lipsticks which I’m either loving at the moment and want easy access to, want to use more of or are perfect for the season. So I swapped it all around and today I thought I’d show you what’s new in there.

Rimmel 38
Without fail, Rimmel 38 will always end up on my lipstick display unit as it’s my all time favourite lipstick, yep I think I even prefer it to my MACs, Charlotte Tilburys and YSLs, it’s just my fav. For me, it’s the perfect peachy nude and this must be at least my third tube of the stuff. I’m a big fan of Rimmel lipsticks anyway but this one just takes the crown.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park (Preview)
When organising my lipsticks, I decided to dedicate a whole section to liquid lipsticks, which I’m finally beginning to become a fan of – I know, only two years late to the game – and for me, a lot of what changed my opinion was the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips. Echo Park has become an absolute firm favourite in my collection, so much so that I couldn’t bear to even put it in the dedicated liquid lipstick section of the drawer, it just had to be out. I’m completely obsessed with this lipstick, like no other and I can’t see that changing soon.

Clarins Joli Rouge in Guava (Preview)
I used to have a ‘testing’ section of my lipstick drawer, for lipsticks I want to use more or are new in my collection, but actually, it didn’t work all too well so instead I just reorganised my lipsticks to be a lot more accessible in general so hopefully, I use them all more. Guava definitely would have been in that testing drawer as I’m so undecided on it. I really like the colour but I’m just not sure on the ultra creamy formula. I’ve kept it out as I really do want to make an effort with this, but I won’t be too surprised if it gets swapped out soon.

Rimmel 107
And now we are onto the seasonal lipsticks, oh autumn lipsticks I frickin’ love you. In the last few years, I’ve got so much braver with bold lipsticks, I used to just like to look at them but wear them once in a blue moon, whereas now not a day goes by where this isn’t something on my lips and at the moment it’s nearly always been bold. Rimmel 107 is such a beautiful autumn shade, it really is the classic berry lipstick and so easy to wear. If you want to try a berry lip out and don’t know where to start, definitely go for this one!

Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Take The Stage
Speaking of being braver, I wouldn’t have touched a red lipstick if you paid me a few years ago whereas this year I have a new obsession with them, and when I say them, I mainly mean Rimmel Take The Stage, as you can probably tell by now I reallllyyy like Rimmel lipsticks. Take The Stage is such a classic red shade and I just love the long-lasting formula of this whole collection. Although they’re matte they aren’t too drying and they’re really easy to reapply so it’s just the perfect lipstick formula in my opinion.

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick in Magni-Fig
Last but not least is a new one from Bourjois. I only picked this up the other day in my haul so who knows how long it’ll last on my display unit, but I’m hoping it will become a new autumnal favourite. I’ve only heard good things about the whole range and I’m really glad I went for Magni-Fig as it’s much more purple-based then any other shades I own so something completely different. Everyone says how comfortable they are so I’m looking forward to giving it a good test run.

What lipsticks are currently on your rotation?