It took me a very long time to get into reds. I got used to pinks pretty quick, neutrals was an easy tick, browns and oranges even happened, but red lipstick has always been troublesome. Things changed a bit when I discovered my now beloved Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red (old review) as finally, I had a red which suited me, but still, it was a slow burn, saved for Christmas and special occasions. But recently, I’ve started giving the colour a go again, even on just random work days, and that’s all thanks to my new high street favourite, Rimmel Take The Stage.

Take The Stage is part of the very hyped up ‘The Only 1 Matte’ collection from Rimmel, praised for being comfortable on the lips, long-lasting, highly pigmented and for actually being matte. I was very kindly sent the whole range ages back but stuck to the safer options like High Flyer and Trendsetter and it’s only recently I’ve begun to explore the bolder shades.

Take The Stage is very much your ‘classic red’ shade. In comparison to Red Carpet Red, it’s slightly lighter and slightly warmer, leaning more on the orange side than the pink side but nothing too drastic. I came to the conclusion a while back that I struggle with warm toned reds, but this is clearly an exception as it’s so easy to wear.

The actual application isn’t the easiest and I prefer to use a brush first and then go in with the bullet for more pigmentation. I just don’t really like the shape of these lipsticks, I prefer a more traditional-shaped bullet, but don’t let that put you off as that’s literally the only negative I can find about it. Once on, it’s comfortable on the lips,¬†ridiculously¬†long-lasting and dries to a gorgeous matte finish.

I’ve always avoided bolder and darker lipsticks on a daily basis because I’ve found them “high-maintenance” but honestly, there is nothing high-maintenance about Take The Stage. Spend a few minutes more focusing on applying it and you’re basically set for the day. Unlike most liquid lipsticks, you can easily apply this on top of the remnants of an existing application without worrying about it going flakey, although you probably won’t need to as I’ve gone for the whole day without having to reapply this gem.

I already knew that I loved the The Only 1 Matte range from Rimmel, but I really didn’t expect to fall in love with a red like this. I think I might finally become one of those people that doesn’t just wear a red on Christmas day.

Have you tried Take The Stage by Rimmel?