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The first time I tried NYX was when my sister when to the States and came back with a lipgloss and blush, it was pretty much love at first sight. Since then I’ve tried a fair few of their products and they’ve never let me down, literally never tried a bad thing from NYX. As a brand, they’ve really bridged the gap between professional and affordable and now they’ve become even easier to get hold of as they now sell in Debenhams. Debenhams very kindly sent me some of NYX’s best sellers to celebrate their launch, so let’s see how I got on with them all.

Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Downtown Beauty
Everyone seems to just love NYX lip products and whilst I’ve tried a fair few formulations, I hadn’t tried the Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks. Downtown Beauty is definitely not a shade I’d normally go for, and after trying it I’m not convinced I’ll have much use out of it. It’s a real statement lip and unlike some other warmer rose-toned browns I sometimes reach for, this is a proper vampy cool-toned brown, and it just doesn’t suit me. I bet it could look amazing on some people though. The formula itself is really nice, it takes a while to dry down but has a nice velvety matte finish once it has. I haven’t tested the longevity yet because let’s just say I couldn’t bear to wear the shade out but I had it on comfortably for a few hours at home and it didn’t seem to massively fade.

Contour Intuitive Eye & Face Sculpting Palette Jewel Queen
The Contour Intuitive palettes are new from NYX and are said to house everything you need to define and enhance your features. They house two highlighters, a blush and six eyeshadows. Now I’d never tried a powder product from NYX and this is the best way to try all of them in one go, and I must say I’m very, very impressed. Everything here is incredibly pigmented and long-lasting, although can be a little tricky to blend. I must say, I struggle slightly with the colours in this palette, and looking across the Contour Intuitive range I am slightly confused by their shade selections as they’re far from obvious choices. I wouldn’t say any of them are particularly pale-skin friendly especially with the high pigmentations, but I can get some use out of some of these shades especially the top highlight which works nicely on me as a blush.

Pore Filler Primer & Shine Killer Primer
I’ve heard good things about both of these primers and they’re both perfect for my relatively large pores and oily t-zone. The Pore Filler Primer really reminds me of Benefit’s Porefessional and Shine Killer of Smashbox Photo Finish so they’re both good dupes and seem to work equally as well as the more expensive options. I’ve been alternating between both and they both do exactly what they say on the tin, Pore Filler creates a nice even base for my foundation, and Shine Killer mattifies my skin. I do make sure I use a heavy duty cleanser in the evening though as they’re both silicone-based.

Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette
My highlighting collection is seriously lacking compared to all my other makeup, so I was really excited to see this one turn up. NYX continue on here with their ultra-pigmented formula and each highlight shade delivers the serious wow-factor. If you’re after a really strong disco-ball highlight, this is definitely for you. Again, I wouldn’t say it’s that friendly for my pale complexion but I can actually see myself using some of these as eyeshadows and blush toppers so it’s pretty versatile. There are a couple shades I can use as genuine highlighters though so I’m happy overall.

Lingerie Liquid Lip in Exotic
This is another lip formula that has been highly raved about and I hadn’t yet tried so I reached for it instantly. I must say, the shade Exotic came out a lot darker on my lips than it looks in the tube but I can’t say whether this is a ‘problem’ for the whole range. Instead of being a rosy hue a shade or two darker than my lips, it came out as quite a severe brown although as it faded it became more wearable. The formula itself is lovely, it’s long-lasting yet comfortable on the lips and has a nice matte finish. I’m tempted to explore more shades in the range in future to find one that’s a bit more ‘me’.

Shadow Palette in Cool Neutrals
It’s been a while since I’ve had a new eyeshadow palette so I was extremely excited about this one and the formula repeats that of the Contour Intuitive eyeshadows – very, very pigmented. I don’t find them as buttery and creamy as I normally like in an eyeshadow formula so they take a little bit more work to blend, but they last well so I can’t complain. I must say that, disappointingly, this palette has just confirmed that these ultra-cool toned shadows just don’t suit me and I actually found it really difficult to know what to pair with what here. I’m really tempted by the Warm Neutrals palette as the shades look much more to my taste and now I know the formula is good, it looks like a real bargain.

Butter Gloss in Strawberry Parfait
I’m a big lipgloss fan, as you probably know, and the butter glosses are up there with my favourites. This is the third in my collection and Strawberry Parfait is a stunning bright pink. In the tube it looks quite full on but actually it’s not too pigmented so is an easy to wear pink. There’s something I love about pink lipglosses, they make me feel very Cher-esque from Clueless so I can see myself using this a lot, oh and it smells amazing. 

Soft Matte Lip Cream in Budapest
For a while, the Soft Matte Lip Creams from NYX were the only liquid lipsticks I liked and although I’ve found a few new favourite formulas, I still really rate these. I thought Budapest would be a lot darker but I’m really happy that it’s not too dark as it makes for the perfect wearable berry shade instead. I already have Copenhagen which is much darker, and actually, Budapest is what I had hoped Copenhagen would be! These feel so weightless on the lips, I can easily forget I’m wearing anything, yet are really longwearing and pigmented. I can see Budapest getting a lot of use in the next few months.

So to conclude, the NYX formulas haven’t let me down, every single thing here had great pigmentation and great longevity. I was slightly confused by some of the colour choices in both the palettes and a lot of the shades, in general, were too dark for my pale skin. But I do really rate the formulas and I’m definitely going to get shopping on Debenhams for some different shades!

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