I started a YouTube channel last month and so far I’ve focused my efforts on making vlogs, but a lookbook has been on the forefront of my mind for months now. I started doing some style posts last year and whilst I liked them, I always thought that a video would be better so you can really see how the outfit moves and comes together, plus lookbooks are probably my favourite thing to watch on YouTube. It was a challenging one, very time-consuming and I had to battle with everchanging weather and looking confident on the camera but I’m so pleased with the result.

I wanted to create a lookbook which was achievable, no fancy handbags or “out there” clothing, just your average shop around the high street to make up some wearable autumn outfits. I did a little shopping for some key seasonal pieces, but all of the outfits are made up of wardrobe staples so hopefully, you can easily recreate the looks without feeling as if you need to go on the world’s biggest spree.

You can watch the lookbook below and please do like, comment, subscribe etc etc as I really do love seeing and hearing your feedback. Enjoy!