One of my favourite beauty products to try is foundations. I wouldn’t say I have a ‘type’ with foundations at all, sometimes I prefer full coverage, other times I just want light and sometimes I’m all about a dewy finish whereas others I’m really into the matte look. So, let’s just say I’m pretty open-minded with foundations, yet if I’m honest, I’m often disappointed. I have that skin type that seems to eat up foundation and longevity is one of the areas where I’m nearly always let down. I love cushion foundations but one of my main gripes with them is that they never seem to hang around for long on my skin so when I heard about the new ‘Clarins Everlasting Cushion Foundation*’ I was intrigued, so let’s see how I got on.

The Claims
This new cushion foundation from Clarins is part of their ‘everlasting’ range, which is all about longevity. They say it has a long-lasting finish which evens out any imperfections with flawless coverage, yet maintaining a lightweight and breathable finish. It also contains SPF50 and their anti-pollution complex which I’m an absolute sucker for because I’m a big fan of those skincare-makeup hybrids.

The Packaging
First up, let’s just take a moment to admire the absolutely stunning design from Clarins. The gorgeous white and gold design feels very Dior/Chanel-esque and invites Clarins into a whole new world of seriously lux beauty. Inside reveals a similarly branded application puff and underneath is housed the cushion foundation. I’m not normally a huge fan of white beauty packaging as it’s just asking for mucky fingerprints but actually, because of the solid plastic, those can be easily wiped away. I wouldn’t say this is too bulky to be handbag-friendly, which is one of the main bonuses of cushion foundations, and I love how you can buy refills for it as opposed to having to repurchase the whole foundation again full-cost.

The Application
I’m not keen on using the included puff for initial application as I’d rather use my buffing brush, however, the puff is useful for top-ups when you’re out and about. I have the shade 103 Ivory and while it looks a little dark in the pan, it’s the perfect shade match for me. This cushion foundation has been designed for the ‘busy’ woman and I can definitely see that, whilst with others cushion foundations it seems to take ages to really build up any coverage, this has pretty decent coverage from the get-go. It’s really lightweight so blends so quickly and easily and suddenly before I know it, I have fairly flawless looking skin.

The Finish & Longevity
Like all cushion foundations I’ve tried, this one definitely has that lightweight, dewy finish. I often associate dewy foundations with not having much coverage but I’d describe this one as having medium coverage, my skin still looks like skin but my imperfections have been concealed nicely. I really love the glowy look of this but I was worried it wouldn’t last long on my oily t-zone, but honestly, I’ve been so impressed with the longevity. I put this foundation and the anti-pollution qualities to the test by heading into London for the day and was amazed that by the time I got home I was still shine-free and my foundation looked basically the same as on application.

Left photo: just eye makeup and cushion foundation.  Right photo: whole face of makeup

My Verdict
I tend to do a full review of products either when I’m disappointed in them, or when I love them so much that a simple feature in a monthly favourites just isn’t enough, and this foundation is definitely in the latter category. I’ve reached for this every day since I’ve had it, as I love how lightweight it feels and looks on my skin, yet lasts me all day and nourishes my skin at the same time. I’m not expecting this to last ages as I do find that cushion foundations dry up or get used up very quickly, but I love the concept of simply refilling this for a much cheaper cost. If you’re on the lookout for a new dewy yet long-lasting foundation, I’d definitely look towards this new offering from Clarins.

Will you be trying this foundation from Clarins?