For a while now I’ve been sharing my blush collection, starting with the peachy pinks and going through to the neutrals. I warned you this was going to be a long series as my blush collection is slightly out of hand and today I’m back with the latest collection and that’s the brights. I used to have a real thing for bright blushers, I was instantly attracted to the weird and wonderful which is so unlike me as you all know I love my neutrals when it comes to pretty much everything else. I’m not quite as adventurous as I used to be but these blushers all still get some love and have a very special place in my makeup heart!

MAC Full of Joy
Full of Joy was one of those rare spontaneous purchases for me, I just saw it on a display and couldn’t help myself. Most people would walk past this and that’s probably why it’s rumoured to be discontinued (not sure how true this is though) but I’m so glad it entered my basket as I absolutely love it. It’s definitely not the most long lasting blush but this brightens my complexion like no other. It isn’t too pigmented so you can be pretty heavy handed without the fear of going bright purple, and well I just love it still to this day. Have a look at this old FOTD to see it on.

Dior Rosy Glow Blush
This was probably one of my favourite makeup products ever, I wore this basically every day for months on end to the point where I felt naked without it. I’ve never loved a blush quite as much as I loved this. It’s one of those pH ones so is meant to be ultra flattering and I must say, it’s still one of my most flattering blushers. I don’t tend to reach for it anymore though as I prefer something warmer and I don’t go for that ~uber girly~ look as much as I used to but maybe I’ll fall in love with it again soon. You can see this on in this old review.

NARS Gaiety
I bought Gaiety when I was at my ultimate peak of loving bright blushers, it looked like the bright blush to have. But actually, I never really got on with it. I realised as soon as I got home how similar to Dior Rosy Glow it was but just wasn’t quite as good. Whilst Rosy Glow is super easy to blend for a seamless look, Gaiety is quite tricky to work with due to the insane pigmentation. I do want to give it more of a chance, I just don’t love it.

NARS Exhibit A
Unlike Gaiety, Exhibit A is a NARS bright blush that I seriously have gotten on board with. It’s the only blush I have like it in my collection and again, it’s one of those blushes that most sane people would shy away from but yet is such a gem. You need a very light hand as it’s highly pigmented but it’s just perfect for my pale yet warm toned complexion. I didn’t used to use it that much, despite always loving it, as it didn’t suit a lot of my pink-based makeup look but I’ve rekindled a love for it now that I’m generally reaching for browns and neutrals more. I just love Exhibit A. Full review here!

Sleek Pumpkin Palette
Sleek blushers are by far the best pigmented high street blushers, so if you want your blush to really pop, I’d head straight to the Sleek counters. Pumpkin is my ultimate summer blush palette and pretty much every year it makes an appearance, but that’s nearly always down to one shade. That bright orange in the middle, P Pie. P Pie is a gorgeous matte orange blush which looks so intimidating but is just beautiful review on the cheeks. I’m not too fussed by the other two shades but I’d buy this again just for P Pie. See it in action on a very old again!

Clinique Plum Pop
Out of all the blushers in this post, this is probably the one for bright blush novices and those who want something a little easier to work with. I love the blendability of the Clinique Pop blushers and just like Peach Pop (another favourite), Plum Pop is beautifully soft without too much pigmentation making it a treat to apply. I don’t reach for this blusher too much because if I’m in the mood for a bright, I’ll normally go full on bright, but the gorgeous berry pink is still a loved member of my blush collection.

Which are your favourite bright blushers?