Today in my autumn collection series I’m talking all about blushers. I struggle a little with blusher in autumn, I feel it hard to find ones that go nicely with a copper eye and berry lip without overshadowing the look. My blush collection definitely favours pinks and peaches which are perfect for spring and summer, and even winter sometimes, but autumn is just a no-no. Over the years I have built up a small collection of autumnal blushers which tick all the boxes, so if you struggle too, you might just find some gems here.

I do love my NARS blushers and have quite the collection, but if I had to pick just one I’d probably go for Sin. In the pan, this might just look like a standard plum-toned blush but it’s so much more than that, the colour itself has so much depth and subtlety. In fact, I have a blush from theBalm that looks so similar in the pan but has absolutely nothing on Sin once swatched. Sin has a slight gold iridescent running through which means it compliments bronzed, copper and golden eyeshadows perfectly.

Colourpop Between The Sheets
I only bought this a few months ago so I’m still yet to enjoy it throughout a whole autumn season but I can already tell it’s going to be one I reach for a lot. I must say, I don’t like the blush super shock formula half as much as I like the eyeshadow formula as I struggle to get pigmentation out but once I’ve built up this blush it really compliments bolder lipsticks perfectly. Perfect for those with a heavy hand.

Tarte Exposed
Exposed is one of those rare iconic blushers that just everyone seems to love, and I’m really pleased I added it to my collection this year. Just like Between The Sheets, Exposed is definitely a sheer wash and takes a lot to build it up so if you want a subtle blush or have a heavy hand this will be the perfect choice for you. The shade itself is really unique as it’s neither pink nor brown not orange-toned, it’s just ‘nude’.

Sleek Flushed
On the complete opposite end of the spectrum to the subtle and sheer formulations of Exposed and Between The Sheets is the heavily pigmented Sleek Flushed. With Sleek blushers you can almost always guarantee high pigmentation –  I’m still yet to try one that doesn’t seriously pack a punch. I don’t reach for Flushed as much as the others as you can easily overdo it, but with a light touch it compliments a red or berry lip absolutely perfectly.

Sleek Suede
Now a Sleek blush that I do reach for very regularly is Sleek Suede, a shade I received in a Glossybox years ago and would have never picked up myself but has turned into an absolute favourite. Suede is definitely on the orange side of things so you have to be careful not to layer it up on top of too much bronzer, but on its own, it can really warm up a look especially if you’ve gone for a warm lipstick or eyeshadow. I’m a big fan of Suede, and like Flushed it really does have great pigmentation.

MaxFactor Nude Mauve
Last but not least is my much-loved Nude Mauve which I’ve mentioned a lot on my blog over the years. I just find that in autumn I tend to go heavier on the lip and eye makeup and all you want from your blush is something subtle that will bring the look together, and Nude Mauve is one of my favourites for that. It has a slight shimmer as it has been baked with highlighter, in a similar way to the Hourglass blushers, and just lightly brightens my complexion and makes me look slightly less ghostly. Very pretty shade.

What are your favourite blushers for this time of year?